Thursday, 30 December 2010

Goodbye 2010 ...

Here we are, at the end of another year, preparing for the changes we vow to make for 2011. Fortunately, I am lucky enough (and very grateful) to say that 2010 has been an incredible year for me - I'd even go as far as saying the best yet - and I'm only 21! So in the spirit of rounding up the year, here are some of the highlights from my 2010.

One of my favourite highlights: Graduation Day
The final three of the class and our tutor, Emma.

I can't really remember much about January, only that it was the start of the final semester of my degree - oh how those three years flew by! But in February it was time for me to celebrate my 21st birthday; the celebrations started by traveling to Nando's for a fantastic meal and then celebrated in style with a night out in good old Meggies (aka Cleethorpes!) with my best friends - perfect! March time was when my year started to get interesting; I received a letter from HM Court Services and opened it to find that I had been summoned for Jury Service (yes, me, at 21!) It was due for April but I had to defer my service for a later date as I had a better offer - a job interview at the Daily Mail!

I was so unbelievably excited; a third-year journalism student who had yet to graduate had the opportunity to train with the Press Association and end up with a job with the national newspaper itself.  I did not get the job but I had the best time in London anyway; my dad came with me as I had never been to the city before (only to see Britney Spears at the O2 arena in 2009 - but that was a quick visit) and it was great spending the day with him, walking around (in my classic black pencil dress and heels from House of Fraser), seeing the sights and taking in what a great opportunity I had been given, despite the outcome - I was a very lucky student!

On Liberty Island in front of
the Manhattan skyline
The week before was equally as excellent, after a lifetime of wanting to visit New York, I finally went as a part of a uni trip. We visited Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, 5th Avenue ( and Bloomies!), The Empire State Building, Coney Island, Staten Island (what a day that was!) and whatever else we had time for! The group of students that came were such a laugh and we really did have a brilliant time. New York is a truly unique city and I can not wait for the day I get to return - this was definitely one of the best weeks of my life!

The Perfect Wedding
Midway through May I handed in my final pieces of work for my degree and like many students I was thinking about what was going to happen next. Luckily, a wonderful tutor of mine sent me an email about a job opportunity at a local magazine publishers as a features writer - and now six months on I am still there! I have written lots of features for various magazines (all of which you can see at - sneaky plug) and I am so grateful to all of my tutors at East Coast Media (particularly Emma and Fiona) for the advice they have given me.

Myself and friends ready for
a night out in Manchester!
In July I completed my jury service; without going into too much detail it was a trial full of sex, violence, drugs, blackmail, lies and confusion - what more could you want when you're sat on a jury?! I also went to Manchester for the first time to celebrate one of my bestest's birthday - lovely food, shopping and a fab night out, more great memories for the year so far.

The view of Cleethorpes Seafront
from my flat.
In September the biggest change in my life happened - I found my own flat! I have lived in Cleethorpes, just around the corner from the beach, all my life and loved how close I was to the seaside, so you can imagine my delight when I found a flat right on the seafront for a great price! Unfortunately I couldn't move in until late October (thanks to a brightspark at the estate agents) but now I'm all moved in, half-decorated and completely settled; I realised just how much my life has changed!

October was another highlight - my graduation ceremony. After waiting months for the day to arrive, it finally came and it was definitely one to remember! I received the Student of the Year award which I was ecstatic about (and very surprised!) and on the way to the pub for a family meal to celebrate I received a fantastic phone call from Cosmopolitan magazine; somebody had dropped out last minute for work experience so they called to ask if I would like to go, which if course I would have LOVED to, but unfortunately I couldn't at such short notice - I was absolutely devastated but the lovely lady on the phone said she would call back next year to rearrange - so fingers crossed that happens! Or if it doesn't I will make it happen, I am so determined to not let this slip away!

December has been a strange month for me, I won't go into detail as, despite sharing a lot of information about myself on this blog, I am a very private person, but after a long time a part of my life has changed and I really am so upset about it. But despite this I had a lovely Christmas with my family and I have realised how great my friends are - well I always knew it but this has proved it!  So now New Year is nearly here and I know that in order to top this year I really have to push myself career-wise and in my personal life - I'm very nervous but I am so excited; I am determined to make 2011 just as good, or if not even better than 2010.


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