Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Ending the year as I mean to go on

So, after months and months of tweeting about starting my new blog, I'm finally doing it! So welcome one, welcome all....

I have been saying that I have wanted to revamp my previous blog for a long time now; I started the last one at the beginning of 2010 and aimed to create my own fashion blog. It underwent a couple of revamps, most recently as The LC Issue, but for some reason my heart wasn't in it anymore. I was spending a lot of time working in my first full-time journalism job and unfortunately I became too busy to keep blogging.

However, if you follow my tweets you may have seen that I am now renting my own place, which means I have more time to myself and to completely revamp The LC Issue, and I couldn't be more excited! Instead of focusing on one subject I am just going to write about whatever I feel like, whether it is fashion, books I've read, things I've seen or just my opinion ... just be aware there may be some shameless plugs to my own published features ;)

Actually, It is my role as a features writer that has inspired me to recreate this blog. I graduated from East Coast Media / Grimsby Institute with a degree in Journalism, and like most new graduates I was unsure about what was next. During my final year as a student I was editor of the Grimsby Institute's student Newspaper 'Pulse', had work experience at the Grimsby Telegraph, and in April of this year I even had a job interview for a trainee sub-editor for the Daily Mail and the Press Association (even though I obviously didn't get this job I am still so proud to have been considered) - it seemed newspapers were my future! But of course I kept my options open for any job opportunity so I could get my foot in the door and
fortunately, a wonderful tutor told me about the opportunity to become a features writer for a local publishing company and the rest is history! I have now been working there for six months and I have managed to have LOTS of features published already!

I am so pleased with the way the beginning of my career has started and I now know that if I do continue on the magazine road, I will be very happy! One day I would absolutely love to be the editor of my own magazine, but until then I will be the editor of this blog, The LC Issue! It may take a bit of trial and error but I am determined to make this blog work, so I only hope whoever reads this will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing this.

Lindsay x


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