Friday, 31 December 2010

... Hello 2011!

The countdown has begun; in just over five hours (at the time of writing this) the fireworks will be going off, drinks will be flowing and people will be cheering as Big Ben strikes midnight, and what will I be doing to celebrate ... absolutely nothing!

It's not that I haven't been invited to places but I really do not understand the big fuss about New Years Eve - you go out, que for aaages to get into bars and to get a drink, which is way more expensive than usual, and then you're waiting for over an hour for a taxi in the freezing cold! Don't get me wrong, I love a good night out and I wouldn't have minded going out tonight - it's just the pressure of the whole occasion I don't like, and most of the time (in my experience) it's not worth the fuss! It is this, along with other factors (which I won't go into) that have gone into this decision, so I have decided to turn down all offers and stay in my little flat, eating chocolate and watching Mr DiCaprio from the comfort of my settee ... lovely!

And of course, now that New Year's Eve is here, it is time to reminisce about the past year (see my last blog post *hint*) and state what our 2011 resolutions will be ... if we have any at all! Usually I do not bother with resolutions ( I really do sound very anti-NYE don't I?!) but because 2010 was incredible for me I have decided to make a few so I can be sure I will be making the most of 2011. So, for the first time, here are my New Year's resolutions for 2011 ....

1. Taking the next step in my career: Now that I have found my way into the journalism / print publishing industry, I do not want to leave! I have learnt a lot in the six months I have been employed as a features writer and I am becoming increasingly confident in what I do, so I definitely feel that in 2011 I want to advance further - maybe at a brand new company in a brand new place, or perhaps more responsibility at my current job? Either way, I am going to make sure I do my utmost the whole time to make sure this happens.

2. Dance, dance, dance!: This is something I did during my school years and absolutely loved it! The hobby ended when I left school but I have always thought about getting back into it, and now I am thinking why not? I absolutely love watching Strictly Come Dancing; it always makes me want to dance, so I was ecstatic to receive the Strictly Fit DVD for Christmas - so consider this the start of my resolution! I will be blogging my progress (see my previous blog post: Strictly Diary) and hopefully, later on in the year, I will start attending a class ... so watch this space!

3. The personal life: I'm not quite sure what this resolution is yet, but what I do know is that this is going to be handled very differently in 2011. In December something changed in my personal life and, if you have read my tweets you may have gathered I have been a bit upset about it, but since this is what has happened I know I have to make the most of it - and when I know how I'm sure I will let you know! Sorry for being a bit vague, but I do like to keep some things private, despite how personal these blogs are getting!

4. The LC Issue: Finally, I am going to try so hard to keep this blog growing and to make it a success - and hopefully I can count on you lovely readers to help me to do this! It may be a bit hit-and-miss at the minute but I am determined to keep posting and see where this leads - so spread the word, follow, comment and let me know your thoughts - it really is appreciated, whatever you have to say!

2011 does feel like it's going to be a challenging year for me; I am slightly nervous for some reason but at the same time I am quite excited! So on that note, I would just like to say thank you to you all for your support so far and I wish you all the best for 2011. Have a wonderful night whatever you're up to and Happy New Year!

Lindsay x


  1. Lovely blog Cowie! I only wish I was with you watching films on NYE cos as much as I love going out, I totally agree, it was absolutley crazy and I would rather have stayed in! I know what you mean, plus skegness was filled with little teenagers all who get far too drunk so it's not great really. Happy new year anyway, heres to a great new start! And lots of wedding planning! Haha...

    Lots of love


  2. Hi Emily! Sorry I've only just been able to comment on this - I'm using my brother's laptop at home, for some reason I can't do it on mine?! Well we'll make a date for next New Year's then before Andy steals you for good lol! And I can't wait for your wedding planning - roll on 2011! Definitely going to be your year Savage! Lots of love back! xxx

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