Friday, 28 January 2011

Creative Humber - January '11

Throughout the final year of my degree, my tutor and other staff members often talked, tweeted and facebooked about Creative Humber - a networking event for people in business in and around the Grimsby area. Up until June last year I was a student, but luckily now I am a full-time features writer it is now an event I can attend, and this Tuesday I did just that!

This month's event was a bit different to the usual meetings; East Coast Media ( @eastcoastmedia on twitter) were hosting their annual Media Industry week for their students, and one of the guest speakers was Lee Smallwood (@@leesmallwood), a brilliant social media / marketing expert! He spoke about furthering your businesses' potential through social media websites - but instead of me babbling on about what he said, you can see it for yourself! Just click on the link below for helpful tips and advice.

Lee Smallwood at Creative Humber

I really enjoyed this event, not only did I get to meet up with my tutor Emma (@rosereiki) and marketing extraordinaire Debs (@debscooper), but I also got to catch up with the lovely Hannah (@DREAMWALLS), creator of the fabulous Dreamwalls wall coverings, and I also met the lovely @sukesu! It was great going back to East Coast Media and seeing some of the old staff members and walking those corridors once again, and I also learnt a lot about the way social media works; my editor and the IT man from work seemed very impressed with what I told them! 

If you would like to know anymore about the event, then you can contact Creative Humber through twitter ( - I'm looking forward to the next time I can attend!

P.S. The buffet (especially the cakes) were LOVELY!

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