Saturday, 22 January 2011

Lincolnshire in Focus: February 2011

2011 marks a big year for Lincolnshire in Focus - it's our 10th anniversary! And to celebrate this milestone, the magazine has been given a brand new facelift, and (even though I am *slightly* biased) I think it looks fantastic!

As well as the essential features of County News, What's On, Heritage, Health and Beauty, Food in Focus and Homes and Gardens, the new issues also include the revamped Fashion section - reintroduced especially for 2011! I've included a sneak peak of some of the pages for you to enjoy, however the whole magazine (which includes a lot, lot more!) can be viewed at

Now for a bit of selfish promotion: If you would like to have a read of the features I wrote, then you will find them on pages 7 (What's On and Music Scene), 9 - 11 (Celebrating 10 Years of Success), 13 (Valentine's Day: The Story Behind the Romance), 29 (New Year, New You) and 36 (Nature Watch).

If you would like to know anymore information about Lincolnshire in Focus, have a look at our new website here, or otherwise feel free to contact me at

Hope you like it!


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