Sunday, 23 January 2011

New new years resolutions ... just a bit late!

We're in the final full week of January - already! How are everybody's resolutions coming along?

Mine aren't going too badly, which I'm very pleased about. If you saw my previous blog "... Hello 2011!" you may have seen my resolutions, which were:

1. Taking the next step in my career
2. Dance, dance, dance!
3. The personal life
4. The LC Issue

Work is going very well for me, I am still very determined to make some positive changes and my first real opportunity of this year is in our editorial meeting on Tuesday, so fingers crossed! I am also still keeping up with my Strictly Come Dancing fitness DVD, although to be perfectly honest I could probably practice it a bit more. I originally planned to post a weekly diary, however I have made an editorial decision (cheesy!) and decided to do this monthly instead; that way I will be able to talk about my progress more - so keep an eye out! The personal life is still going to remain very personal but I *think* I am heading in the right direction considering how I was feeling and what happened before Christmas. I know this probably doesn't make much sense, but I know what I mean and for now I am going to keep the main details of this private - sorry!

And finally The LC Issue - brilliant! I am writing regular posts, always thinking of new topics and I have even signed up to! I'm still finding my way around this site and trying to figure it out; all I know is I have had plenty of people 'voting' for me - not sure what for but I'm getting good responses about my blog! If you are on, then you can find my profile here. Finally, I have had 500+ bog views in just over a month - chuffed to bits! So thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my posts or even just have a quick look, as I have said before it is greatly appreciated!

Now onto my new resolutions - yes I know it is a bit late, but surely there shouldn't be a time limit on this sort of thing? So here it goes .....

5. More pictures!: I am the person who always takes her camera on a night out but only takes 2/3 images - if that! I love looking at pictures, not just from nights out but from days out and special occasions, so I am definitely going to take more this year. Luckily I have only had one night out so far so I haven't missed many photo opportunities, but I will definitely make up for it this year!

6. Go and see a psychic: This is something I thought about a few times last year but never actually did, so this year I want to go just to see what happens. I have always read horoscopes but lately I have been reading them more, thinking about what my dreams mean and just generally been curious about it all. My star sign (Pisces) mentions something about psychic abilities, so I'd love to go just to see what happens .....

I'm sure as the year goes on I will think of more resolutions, but I will deal with them when they come to me. I hope all of your resolutions are going to plan and here's to (what's left of) January 2011!


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