Monday, 31 January 2011

Strictly Diary: Month 1

Ok, I have something to admit .... I haven't done my Strictly DVD in over 10 days - woops!

I am quite annoyed with myself about this because I love doing the DVD and this New Year's Resolution was going so well. For those of you who have been reading my Strictly Diary, here's where it went wrong....

A couple of weeks ago I was all set and ready to tackle 'Strictly Fit: Dance Fit' - the routines were going well, I got through to the Jive section and BOOM! I get a cramp, and not just a normal one that goes away after a few minutes, this one killed and then it kept coming back, and then again, and then again! At first I just paused the DVD and had a drink hoping it would go away - a lovely ex-colleague told me a lack of water causes cramps - but then when I realised it wasn't going anywhere I had to turn it off ..... and the cramp still didn't go! OUCH!

So then a few days later I attempted the workout again; everything was going fine when all of a sudden I got a stitch! I felt really unfit but I don't understand why? Now I am back at work I am eating healthier (no Christmas bingeing - well, not much!) and up until 'the cramp in my foot' I really was sticking to the workout, so as you can imagine I felt quite gutted. Since then, and this is completely my fault, I haven't attempted the DVD again.

On the positive side, when I was still practicing I could feel myself getting better at the routines; I could remember the steps which made it easier for me to practice and push myself more - it made me feel really good. Even the trickier steps were making more sense and I could really feel my waist, leg and arm muscles working.

So now February is nearly here I am definitely going to start all over again and get back into a regular routine of strictly dancing. It will be my 22nd birthday at the end of the month (eek!) so this is going to be my motivation to give this workout another go - I want to feel and look good for a big night out with my favourite girls! And I WILL stick to it this time, promise....


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