Saturday, 5 February 2011

Home Life: A girl's best friend...

Last weekend, I was going through some old pictures on my laptop when I came across these - photos of my beautiful Sandy! She has been the family dog since I was nine years old and I have cherished every single moment, right from the first day we picked her up from the pet shop when she was just weeks old. 

Now I no longer live at home, I miss her to bits, but every time I do go home she's there being lazy, taking over the settee but still manages to give cuddles! She is now coming up to 13 so I thought I'd share the pictures with you because I love this little old lady to bits! 

In our back garden, sat underneath our giant evergreen tree
by the pond, which she once fell in chasing frogs!

This photo is about 3/4 years old - I think she was happy to see me!

About 2/3 years ago, 


  1. Sandy is beautiful, Linds! Adorable <3 Cuddles for you both! xoxo

  2. Aw thanks very much! Yeah she is a beauty, even though she's now fat, old and grey I still love her ha! I still have my lovely Alice in Wonderland charm bracelet too, hope you're well! x

  3. Nice to read 'Home Life: A girl's best friend...' You decided to buddy up to her. By reading your blog post, I wish I success with my English learning. Have a great day! Cheers

  4. Agreed with you.
    Dog is human's best friend. :)

  5. Hi babangjuwanto, thanks very much for the comment, good luck with your English!

    And Hi Mariska, I'm glad you think so too! Thanks for commenting! x

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