Saturday, 19 March 2011

Going Global!

Now, for most people, this may not be *that* interesting, but for me, it is fantastic because in February and March, two of my features have been published on a multi-national organisation's website!

One of the magazines I write for is Food and Drink Network UK (click here to go to the website!) and in both the February and March issues I wrote about Denny Bros Ltd. and their ground-breaking product Fix-A-Form; an expanding label used on many brand products around the world. Today, their labels are manufactured in over 50 countries and they posted my features on their website for all of their clients to see! Like I said, this may not be everybody's cup of tea but for me, and my career, it is fantastic news - this New Year's Resolution is still rolling on!

March's Feature on the Denny Bros Ltd. website
The same feature in March's issue of
Food and Drink Network UK.
February's feature on the Denny Bros Ltd. website

Click here for:
Denny Bros Ltd. website
February's feature - Maximising Space, Minimising Waste
March's feature - Thinking Outside the Box


  1. Well done hun - that's great :) x

  2. You should be SO proud! Well done you xx


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