Saturday, 5 March 2011

So... what have I missed?!

Hi there everyone!

Me, ready for my
22nd birthday celebrations!
Well, it feels like I haven't tweeted or blogged properly in absolutely aaaages! Just under two weeks actually, but I'm back - I hope I haven't missed too much?

I have been very busy these past couple of weeks which is why I have been absent from the social media scene and, as much as I love tweeting and blogging, I really have enjoyed some quiet time away from the computer (when not working!) - but I am so glad to be back!

Work has been pretty hectic lately - my editor was away on her jolly holidays last week so I was on my own in the editorial department. I have been in that position before but this time was different - DEADLINE! Not only did I have a number of features to write, images to source and clients to chase up - I'm sure some of you know exactly how that feels - but I also had to read over mock-ups of the business magazine and adverts and check over press releases so I think it is fair to say I was exhausted! Team that with an unbelievably bad head cold and I'm sure you can begin to imagine how I was feeling! My desk was piling up with more and more work and I felt as if I was never going to meet this deadline, which was very frustrating for me as I really wanted to do well for my editor (and I am a bit of a perfectionist with my work) but luckily I followed my instinct, asked for help when I needed it and eventually, I did meet the deadline! Woohoo! Even though this was a challenging time for me, I did learn a lot about prioritising and what my limits are when it comes to workloads which can only be a good thing. You may have read in one of my previous posts that one of my big resolutions this year is to progress in my career and I think this week will help me in this, but that's all I can say for now...

Speaking of work, my fortnight kicked off with something I did not expect - another magazine had plagiarised my work! I won't go into too many details but a feature I wrote, and was published in November last year, partly appeared in a new local magazine and I was literally shaking with anger when I saw it! I have yet to see how this situation ends...

Despite being quiet recently, I also found that this week I had been named a featured blogger on - very exciting! Because of this I have now acquired new followers so a big hello to you all! Hopefully now my life is a little less hectic I will be able to get back to regular updates - so keep an eye out!

The girls before sliding
down the bannisters...
Last weekend marked another milestone in my life - I turned 22! Unfortunately I was still very poorly but that didn't stop me form having a great time with friends (and a few cheeky cocktails too!) On the Saturday myself and a group of friends went out for a pub lunch which turned out to be interesting - there were no burgers, no pies, no beef, gammon or chicken ... the only thing thing they did have was turkey, tuna sandwiches, chips and steak which turned out to be the size of golfball! Luckily we all had a laugh about it and we know that the pub does usually have good food in stock, we just must have picked the wrong day! So after a quick natter we went home and started to get ready for the big night out, and what a night it was. It started with pre-drinks and homemade cocktails at mine which eventually led to sliding down bannisters (loudly!) but luckily the neighbours didn't complain - phew! So then we headed out to good old Cleethorpes, met a few randomers and had a dance before heading home. I completely lost my voice and I thought my cold was going to kill me but we had a great night and I didn't spend a penny! Excellent!

My new favourite hobby!
Me and my friend's have taken up a new activity too - bingo, yes, really! Every Thursday, a free bingo night is held so we thought why not? We have a laugh, there are some unique characters and so far, out of the two weeks we have been, one of us has won a full house - not bad when you don't pay a thing to begin with! Unfortunately I haven't won yet but I'm sure my time will come... And I have also been keeping up with Zumba; I have attended three classes now and we are still learning new routines to new songs which is great as I don't feel like I am going to get bored of it - and it has only made me even more enthusiastic for my dancing New Year's Resolution - bonus! It really is great fun and I have volunteered to help with a Zumba charity event which will help the Help for Heroes and Wish Upon A Star charities in the summer so I am looking forward to getting stuck into that!

So that is what I have been doing over the past two weeks and even though I was ill and ridiculously busy for the first part, it has been great doing things with friends, furthering my career and finding a hobby which I am most definitely loving! But now I am back I am looking forward to tweeting and blogging with you all again.


Thank you for reading my post, please feel free to leave a comment!

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