Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lincolnshire in Focus: May 2011

Summer is just about here which means county show season is about to start, and Lincolnshire in Focus will once again be attending the Lincolnshire Show with their annual Lincolnshire Show issue! 

Front cover of the May 2011 issue
featuring the Red Arrows

I have been very busy these past few weeks, and one of the reasons was this issue. I wrote a lot of features for this particular edition, some of which you can see below - there is everything from education to royal wedding inspiration, what to do in Lincolnshire during the school breaks and even part one of my review of the new 'Red Lion Quarter' in Spalding. I was able to attend the grand opening last month, and what an impressive place it is!

The whole magazine can be found at

What's on in and around Lincolnshire

'Getting Your Summer Started'
pages 16 and 17

'On With the Show'
pages 26 and 27

'Retro Inspiration' pages 32 and 33
Feature kindly provided by Hannah Coleman  

'A Roaring Success' - all about the new 'Red Lion Quarter'
in Spalding, page 35

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'Experiencing Your Future'
Pages 54 and 55

'Enhancing Your Child's Education'
page 59

My features (which I would be grateful if you could please have a gander at!) are What's On (page 7), 'Getting Your Summer Started' (pages 16-17), 'Cream of the Crop' (page 25), 'On with the Show' (pages 26-28), 'A Roaring Success: Red Lion Quarter Part 1' (page 35), 'A Ceremony Fit For Royalty; (pages 38-41), 'Planning and Preparations' (page 51), 'Experiencing Your Future' (pages 54-55) and 'Enhancing Your Child's Education' (page 59).

This issue also marks the launch of the brand new 'Lincolnshire in Focus' website, designed by the very talented Daniel Codd - click here to see the fab new site, view the whole magazine online and enter the fantastic reader giveaways! Also, if anybody would like the actual magazine posted, or has anything they would like covering, please send me your address to lindsay.cowie@waltonspublications.com - all press releases welcome!


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