Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What a difference a year makes

The three 'journos' and our tutor Emma Lingard at our leaving meal
BA (Hons) Journalism - East Coast Media 2010

Any students or graduates who are out there reading will be fully aware of what time of year it is - assignment deadlines - and for the first time in years and years, I do not have to worry!

Last April/May I was about to finish the third year of my journalism degree at East Coast Media, full of stress (there is ALWAYS a printer breakdown when you least need it!), nervousness (about what will happen once you have finished the course) and excitement (about what will happen once you have finished the course!) This time last year I would have been flapping over getting my dissertation styled correctly, in the right order and bound, with plenty of time left to hand it in. Then there was the other assignments and writing those critical analysis'... and now I can't believe it has been over for a whole year!

This really is a nerve-wracking time for any graduate, particularly in the current economic climate, so my thoughts really do go out to those of you who are in this situation right now! I was lucky enough to have found a job in what I wanted to do (I'm a Features Writer at Walton's Publications) within a month of handing in my last piece of coursework, and I really do realise how lucky I am, even if it is just a small, local publishing house.

Us four at our graduation ceremony in October 2010
I am still in that 'first step' of my career but during this past year I have learnt SO much about real working environments, the processes involved, the people you come across and different situations - good and bad - and I really wouldn't change it! And I have found myself surprised to have used some techniques learnt during my degree education, such as keeping records and notes (production files, anyone?), remembering various researching tools and even remembering those small pieces of advice. It may seem like a BIG task at the minute, but it really will be worth the work in the end.

So good luck to any of you out there who are currently finishing assignments and taking exams - it will all be over soon enough and then you can really start to enjoy the summer!



  1. Thank you, im unfortunatelely a nervouce wreck! im unlikely to get a 2.1 and have no job waiting for me.... going back to the parental home to me right now seems just sooo depressing, i have soo much to do after i finish uni .... excited but sooo anxious.

    glad you have a career your enjoy and are using some skills/knowledge gained while at uni, makes the degree somewhat useful, i hope i have the same luck....

    keep blogging



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