Sunday, 17 July 2011

Back again!

Hi everyone,

Well it seems I've had another break from blogging (I know), but this time it was beyond my control - my charger for my mac broke and due to a lack of spare monies, I wasn't able to buy a new one - sigh! But luckily for me, I have an ace techy boyfriend (@ultimatecoddy) who managed to fix it for me, and he can even use it for his mac too - brilliant!

But what a time for me to stop blogging?! I've been *slightly* obsessed with 'hackgate' - the News of the World scandal (I won't go into it too much as it deserves it own blog post), and I've also been to the Lincolnshire Show, for work purposes, but what a fantastic couple of days it was. There has also been some great developments in my dance resolution from the beginning of this year as well as other areas of my life, so be sure to look out for my Dance Diary and resolution updates coming soon!

As my first blog post in a while, I just wanted to share with you all a few of my favourite images that I've taken over the last few weeks, and I PROMISE that I will get back to my usual blogging, social media loving self starting from...... now!

Spending a sunny afternoon in People's Park, Grimsby
- 26/06/11

Daniel and his Brandy on Cleethorpes Beach - 3/7/11

My amazing wellies - 3/7/11

A crab Daniel uncovered, then it snipped at him! - 3/7/11

Just ahead of the rain, Cleethorpes (in between the beach
and railway line) - 3/7/11
P.S. Instagram is an absolutely brilliant app - if you haven't already downloaded it, make sure you do!


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