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Blast from the past: Must have - The Goddess Guide

Now, I know it is only August but the recent return of X Factor has confirmed something - Christmas is on its way! We have already started thinking about Christmas features at the wonderful world of Walton's Publications which has made me think about this year's festivities, especially the gifts for family and friends!

I first posted this blog a looong time ago, back in the first version of The LC Issue, but I genuinely think this is a brilliant present for any girl or woman.  After buying it for a friend of mine one Christmas, I realised I loved it so much that I bought a copy for myself - and the sequel too! So here it is again in case you missed it first time round - my thoughts on 'The Goddess Guide' by Gisele Scanlon.

23rd February, 2010


For those of you who follow my tweets you may recall at the beginning of the year I was tweeting a lot about a certain book, The Goddess Guide by Gisele Scanlon.

If you are not aware of this delightful little book, which I now call my bible, it is full of advice, facts and need to know information about anything and everything from fashion advice, beauty tips, decorating tips for your house and travel advice - every girl must have a copy of this book!

Gisele Scanlon is a writer and illustrator and is "a seeker of all things stylish and eclectic, has exhausted her passport and gathered together the best of her findings into one unique collection." (G. Scanlon, The Goddess Guide, Harper Collins, 2007)

The Guide is separated into 10 sections:

1. Style
3. Travel
4. Home
5. Garden
6. Food
7. Havin' Fun
8. Joie de Vivre
9. Pillow Talk
10. G-Spots

The advice it gives will never date and the tips will come in handy for years to come. The interviews are so interesting and personal you really do learn from them - find out how Christian Louboutin became one of the most influential shoe designers, get lingerie advice from the creators of Agent Provocateur and even read Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog's love advice! The glossy pages are designed as if you are reading her own personal scrapbook - which in a way, you are! You have all of these priceless bits of information gathered from experts and tales from all around the world in this one book.

I really do believe this is one book that every woman should own so you have these valuable tips and advice at your fingertips ready for when you need them. And for those of you who do already have - and love - this book, The Goddess Experience (the sequel) is already available in all good book shops. It is already on my shelf ready to read.


(The Goddess Guide RRP £10.00, The Goddess Experience RRP £10.00)


  1. I remember reading your blog way back when about this book! And at the time i considered buying it. Reading it again just now has reconfirmed that when payday arrives, i will be going to the nearest book shop on your recommendation!
    Loving the blogs Cowie, you're a brilliant writer.
    Loads of love,
    Bynoe xxxxx

  2. Ahhh thank you Miss Bynoe!! Your comment made me so happy - it was so nice of you! If you get the book you'll have to let me know what you think! Much love xxxxx

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