Saturday, 27 August 2011

"If the shoe fits... the other one!" - That has to be my favourite quote that has been printed on Benefit Cosmetics, and this statement was completely true in this situation.

Last Friday (19th August) I saw the most perfect suede, wedged, lace-up ankle boots that I have been searching for, for MONTHS in Jonathon James as I walked past on my dinner break. I tried one on and instantly fell in love, and they were only £22 but due to a lack of funds I couldn't purchase them, boo! So, I said the classic "If they're are still here on payday then it is meant to be" and guess what, they was! And now I am the proud owner of these beauties which I think will look great in autumn/winter with skinny jeans during the day or even for a night out.

From the side
Front and side view

The laces
And another one from the side - better lighting!

In these photos I have the top of the boot turned over so they make a low ankle boot, but the laces are wrapped around the ankle so you can have them folded up too! Versatility in one of this seasons' colours and materials for a bargain price of £22.99 - LOVE!

*Apologies for the light in these pics - but i think you'll get the idea!*

P.S. A quick little treat for you all...
Daniel felt a bit left out when it came to shoe modelling...


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