Sunday, 21 August 2011

Imaginative Interiors

Yesterday afternoon I was sat watching a very old episode of Come Dine With Me when I noticed something that I had never seen before but loved - a newspaper covered wall!

Imagine with yellowed paper - gives a great vintage feel.

It had a great vintage feel to it since the pages had turned into that great crispy, yellowy colour, and - since I love being in the print publishing industry - a feature wall replicating this would be very fitting in the new flat I will be moving into.

But then @ultimatecoddy told me something which I loved even more; he said that in the past, his sister had placed whole sheets of newspaper into a tray of PVA glue and covered her chest of drawers! So this gave me even more ideas - why not start with picture frames, vases or whatever else you can get your hands on? I haven't *yet* attempted this, but I DEFINITELY will in the near future.

I found the image to the left on google after searching for 'newspaper furniture' and it has definitely inspired me to create vintage, individual and personal pieces for my new home (eek!)

So watch this space! I will be posting my creation sometime in the near future...


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