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The A to Z of Weird and Wonderful Wedding Locations

At the minute, we are busy working away on the 2011/2012 'The Perfect Wedding' magazine and, as always when writing for a magazine, you start thinking about the content in a more personal way. Every girl has an idea of what they would like for their wedding, and we've all heard in the news about those extreme nuptials that have taken place - like the couple who married in a McDonalds restaurant in Ohio in 2006 - so, I compiled my list; The A to Z of Weird and Wonderful Wedding Locations.

A        Air – One for the adrenaline junkies, why not make your vows mid-flight whilst ‘wing-walking’ or even sky-diving? 

B        Beach – Soft white sands, deep blue sea, exotic weather – a tropical

C       Circus – Saying ‘I do’ in the centre ring surrounded by vintage decorations will make for stunning photographs.

D       Desert – You can’t get a more exotic, picturesque setting than a refreshing oasis in the middle of a golden desert. 

E        Egypt – You could take the desert theme even further and wed next to one of the great pyramids or even the Sphinx!

F        Forest – Be at one with nature and say your vows amongst the 
           trees, grass and wildlife.

G      Garden – Legally you may not be able to marry in the open air, but an independent celebration after taking care of the technicalities could be the dream wedding you have wished for.

H       Home – For some, nuptials in the comfort of your own home is the ideal way to start the rest of your life together.

I         Ice Bar – A winter wonderland may not always be guaranteed at this time of year, so a venue made from ice lit up with colours reminiscent of the awe-inspiring Northern Lights may be the answer. 

J        Jungle – A tropical jungle will be an exceptional location for a wedding, just be sure to avoid monsoon season!

K       Kingdom – As in the one and only Disney Kingdom. Why not make your day magical and marry in ‘the most magical place on earth’?  

L        Library – As Carrie from Sex and the City says, where’s a more romantic location to get married that in a place that is home to great love stories?

M      Mountain Top – Just imagine the views as you’re both stood at 
           the top of the world.

N       Night – Legally, a wedding has to take place between the hours of 8.00am and 6.00pm, but, as long as the marriage is done lawfully, an independent celebration will be able to host your celebration at whatever time of night you wish.

O       Outer space – If you are planning a wedding for some time in the future, then why not save a few tens-of-thousands of pounds and marry in one of Virgin Galactic’s spaceships?

P       Palace – It is most girls’ dream to feel like a princess on their special day, and by enlisting the services of an Independent Celebrant and saying ‘I do’ in a regal palace can make that dream come true.

Q      Quayside – A harbour lit up with dainty lights will be a beautiful setting, and once the festivities are over you can sail away to your perfect honeymoon.

R       Racetrack – For those who like fast speeds and supercars.

S       Stage – Of course you will be the centre of attention on your big day, but a wedding on stage will be a show-stopping way to ensure you are kept in the limelight.

T       Theme Park – From fairground rides to white-knuckle rollercoasters, a theme park can provide a fun-filled ceremony.

U       Underwater – Saying your vows whilst surrounded by fish and colourful coral will provide a completely unique set of wedding photographs.

V        Vegas – Why not take inspiration from Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley and have your ceremony in one of the city’s infamous chapels? 

W      Workplace – This is the place of the start of many people’s relationships, so it makes sense for some couples to wed in the place they met, whether it be an office or supermarket!

X       Xmas Wonderland – Christmas is a wonderful time of year; reds, greens, golds, snowflakes and icicles can make your special day magical. 

Y        Yatch – Saying’ I do’ on a luxury yatch in the middle of the ocean can be a wonderfully romantic setting.

Z        Zoo – Maybe you have a passion for animals and wildlife, in which case a zoo with some of the world’s most loved animals will be the perfect venue.


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