Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Being Beside the Seaside

One thing I absolutely loved to do when I was younger was take my beautiful Sandy on long walks with my Dad along the beach. She is now nearly 12 years old and really is turning into a little old lady before my very eyes; she struggles to walk now, is very slow and likes a lot of rest, and although I'll always remember our walks with my dad, it is lovely to be able to do this now with @ultimatecoddy and his lovely dog, Brandy.

A few weeks ago, we went for a very long walk all around Cleethorpes and along away I took some photos and, once again, broke out the app - I LOVE the way some of the images turned out!

Cleethorpes Seafront

The Boating Lake

At the Country Park

Brandy running in and out the flowers at Country Park

Two planes putting on a display along Cleethorpes
Seafront on the way home!

I know the warmer weather may be drawing to a close anytime now, but that doesn't mean our walks have to stop! As much as I love Summer, I also love the colours of Autumn and the snow of Winter - so keep an eye out for many more picturesque images yet!


  1. Wow these photographs are beautiful! Do you have an instagram? I would love to follow! :-) take care!


  2. Hello! I do but I can't remember my username on it?! When I find out I will let you know, and thank you for commenting! x


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