Monday, 12 September 2011

Blast from the past: Lady Gaga and the Monster Ball Tour

A still from the 'You and I' music video
Now, I know I am *slightly* behind on this, but I have only just seen Gaga's new video for the fabulous 'You and I'. I absolutely LOVE that song and have done since the first time I watched that mobile video of her performing it at Elton John's party,  but I will say that I was slightly unimpressed by the video; I did not fully understand it? A mermaid having sex? Is it just me?

It is safe to say that as an artist she is always pushing the boundaries, and has made some incredible videos, songs and performances in the process, and despite not being too sure about this latest video, I'm sure it will make for a fabulous stage show when she next tours - oh how I hope she does!

And that is always one thing you can say about Gaga - she may be a bit 'weird' according to some, and her 'out-going' nature may not always be appreciated, but you can't deny that she has an incredible voice and, if you have been to one of her tours, she is an amazing performer. I have been lucky enough to have seen her live twice - once when she was the opening act for the Pussycat Dolls (and it is safe to say she WAY better than the main act in my opinion), and again on her Monster Ball tour. Personally, I prefer performance that are a performance - costumes, settings, stories, choreography, the lot, but she is also amazing when stripped back and it is just her singing whilst tinkling the ivories.

So, while I'm on the subject of Gaga, I have dug out an old post of mine from when me and a couple of good friends went to go and see her at Sheffield Arena during the Monster Ball Tour, and what good memories they are! As long as Gaga stays true to her roots and doesn't 'go too far' with the shocking antics, I will be a fan for a long time!

Sunday, 6 June 2010 

Lady Gaga: The Monster Ball 

Sheffield Arena: Friday 4/6/10

The fabulous Lady Gaga performed the final show of the UK leg of The Monster Ball tour in Sheffield and blew everybody away with one of the most spectacular stage shows I have seen.

Of course everybody is aware of her hit songs including Bad Romance, Poker Face, Telephone, and the albums The Fame and The Fame Monster, but she is also renowned for her extreme sense of style, both on and off stage.

She performed in the most incredible costumes, recreating some of her most famous looks including a metal dress during the finale Bad Romance that was reminiscent of her performance on Jonathan Ross's Friday night chat show, black leotards, a purple leather jacket with ridiculously over-sized shoulder pads, having underwear as outerwear and even a giant, white, fringed monster costume!

The most mesmerising moment for me was the incredible living dress, inspired by the technological designs of Hussein Chalayan. She wore this whilst peforming "So Happy I Could Die" and had the whole audience captivated. It is a beautiful dress by itself, but when you see the headdress and skirt moving by itself you really appreciate the thought and effort she puts in to every aspect of her concerts. This, along with most of the other of her costumes, is a creation of the Haus of Gaga.

Her performances were also fantastic; she sang completely live and her band were perfect. The dancers were full of energy and the stage designs were incredible. Starting in New York City she was swept away by a twister where she ends up in the deepest, darkest part of Central Park. She finds the Fame Monster and defeats him so she can carry on to the Monster Ball, the biggest and best party on earth.

As a big Lady Gaga fan I have been lucky enough to have seen her twice in concert; first in the early days of her career when she supported the Pussycat Dolls and again at The Fame Monster Ball. Even if you are not a big fan of her music, you can not deny her creativity and the fact she is indeed a genuine artist.


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