Friday, 16 September 2011

Guest Blog: All Things Nautical, Stripe and Wonderful!

For this post, the lovely Hannah Coleman of @Dreamwalls shares her love for Beach Huts - and just in time for the annual Festival of Bathing Beauties! Hannah runs her own interiors business, Dreamwall - a fabulous range of wall coverings, and here she gives her brilliant advice on how to achieve that classic beach hut style in your own home.   

All Things Nautical, Stripe and Wonderful!

Hannah and her daughter outside Margot Charlton's
award-winning beach hut
Lincolnshire coastlines are rich with colorful beach huts, so much so that in September, Mablethorpe and Sutton-on-sea will be celebrating the fifth Bathing Beauties Festival - the UK’s only Beach Hut Festival. Sheds on the seashore have become a huge phenomenon and now are classed as trendy, hot property.

Beach hut exteriors are well known for their striped designs; most are decorated in bold primary colours, some are painted in block colours and some are done in traditional candy stripes. This is most definitely my favourite design – Sandilands, near Sutton-on-Sea, is full of eye-catching candy stripes; my favourite beach hut is owned by Margot Charlton and was named ‘Beach Hut of the Year’ in 2010.

Lines and stripes add a classic touch to any room; they can create a colour block effect or make ceilings seem higher. Used sparsely they can break up a room’s space or create a minimalist look. Sometimes a small room can look too busy with a large scale pattern which is why plain striped wallpaper is perfect for the job. 

The Laura Ashley ‘Lille Linen’ range has got it right; the range comes in variety of colour palettes and is washable - ideal for well-ventilated kitchens and bathrooms. It features pearlescent inks for shimmering highlights which looks lovely as a feature on its own or as a compliment to a bolder statement wall. More styles are available from

Farrow & Ball have a vast choice of stripy wallpapers to choose from; a few favorites are Broad Stripe ST 1323 and Closet Stripe ST 364. If you don’t want to go with colourful stripes, why not be a little more daring with black and white stripes? To see more of the vast range of striped wallpapers that are on offer, visit Cleethorpes based Farrow & Ball stockiest, P & L Interiors, and ask to view their wallpaper books.

‘Giddy Kipper’ is a rural Lincolnshire independent business. They produce original home accessories, from small pieces of furniture to decorative items and gifts, all of which are handmade. My favorite products are the ever-popular seaside range; items start from as little as £5.00. To see more from Giddy Kipper range and to find your nearest stockist, go to

Nikki Austin's beach hut
inspired office
 Austin John Interiors, based in Spalding, created a unique beach hut inspired office; this is a perfect example on how to bring the beach hut look in house. For more details on how this was achieved, contact Nikki Austin by visiting the Austin John Interiors website

Beach huts are close to my heart, I spent most of summer 2009 on a beach hut tour travelling along the Lincolnshire coast. Discovering more about these beautiful seaside icons, I became fascinated with these small structures and I personally feel they are a national treasure of our seaside heritage.

Here are some product ideas:

Farrow and Ball - Closet Stripe ST 364

Laura Ashley - Drayton Striped Wallpaper
Laura Ashley - Lille Stripe wallpaper in pale cobalt

Fabrics and Papers - Shirting Wallpaper
designed by Vivienne Westwood

Giddy Kipper - Handmade beach huts
From the Wilde - 'Beach Hut' cushion

Feature kindly provided by Hannah Coleman of Dreamwall; for more information visit or


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