Friday, 9 September 2011

Mrs Crimble's: Let's bake love!

Anybody who knows me personally knows I have a very, VERY sweet tooth - anything chocolate, sweet or cake-like and I will love it (apart from Turkish Delight or plain dark chocolate...) so you can imagine my delight when, on Thursday morning at Walton's HQ, I received some samples of Mrs Crimble's macaroons!

Mrs Crimble's samples - all but one macaroon left
before I could take the picture!
Before that morning I had never had a macaroon before - I was even naive enough to think they were nut related? - but I can now say I am a macaroon fan, especially of Mrs Crimble's own variety. For those of you who haven't yet tried one, imagine the coconutty goodness inside a Bounty bar, cover in a cake-like mixture and either mix with cranberries (their brand new flavour) or coat in chocolate, and there you have it!

As soon as I opened the package everybody in the office wanted a piece, even our MD, and they were very well received - everybody loved them! And the best part is, they are gluten-free so they can be enjoyed all, and we also received two mugs (perfect for my hot chocolates in the colder weather!) which was very kind of them.

Mrs Crimble's are currently revamping their packaging and it does give their products a cosy, homely feel, and they have introduced their new slogan: "Lets bake love"... absolutely love it!

I have yet to taste the rest of Mrs Crimble's range but, from judging of the quality of the macaroons, I think I can say I will most definitely be a fan.


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