Monday, 19 September 2011

Sweets, sweets and more sweets!

Now, I know I have said this a couple of times on my blog, but I have an INCREDIBLE sweet tooth (as I established here: Mrs Crimble's Macaroons!) and I can not resist the temptation of chocolate, sweets and cake - especially when it comes to all-American candy! So you can imagine my frustration when I ordered some as a present for a very good friend of mine - not for myself!

I have been lucky enough to have gone to the good old USA twice - New York and LA - and the food there is like no-other. My friend thought the same, so when it was her birthday earlier on this month I decided to get her some American goodies, and I found the best site to buy them from!

The Stateside Candy Company are an Aldershot based retailer who deliver to the whole of the country and beyond through their website, They have so much stock available from sweets, cakes, drinks, sauces and cereals, it's hard to choose! Their delivery was quick and I felt their service, as a whole, was very reliable. I've picked out some of my favourite products, so when it comes to my birthday..... *hint hint!*

Strawberry Twizzlers...

For a loved one... or yourself?!

I always struggle to explain what this is like - you have to try one!

I know Jelly Belly's are available here, but still!

Always wanted to try this...

...and these...

...and this!

Myself and Miss Savage in the queue for the trip
to the Statue of Liberty, with our Twizzlers!

My Tootsie Roll and Vitamin Water -
we were down 5th Avenue, NY


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