Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Renovating our Residence: Part 2

On Monday I posted Renovating Our Residence: Part 1 where I showcased our beautiful new living room! This was all thanks to a bank holiday weekend of no plans, and motivation and brilliant advice from @ultimatecoddy's mother. She helped us through the whole process, from choosing the right paint and colours to prepping the room and hanging the wallpaper and, we are so pleased to say, that the room looks fantastic! (And it will look even better when we are fully furnished!)

The 'cracked' plaster!
For WEEKS now, we had the wallpaper picked and painted the fireplace; it was originally dark wood so we painted it white to make it look more 'modern'. First of all came replastering the 'cracked' wall; initially we planned to put the floral wallpaper above the picture rail and paint the feature wall in a dark brown, but unfortunately we came across a section of broken plaster which needed seeing to. We realised that prepping the walls for wallpaper would be too much hard work (for our time scale and budget) so we decided to plaster the wall, put the card back in place and paint this in our chocolate brown and use the wallpaper on the feature wall - sorted!

The fireplace before caulking
And after caulking

Satin wood and Caulk - Must haves!
After painting the fireplace we realised that there were still some gaps that looked unsightly, and this was cured by caulk! Needless to say, this became a lifesaver over the weekend, and now our mantelpiece looks as good as new! 

The skirting boards, door, door frame, picture rail and fireplace were all painted in Pure Brilliant White satin wood which instantly brightened up the room - it was surprising to see how yellow the features had actually become! Next came the main part of the walls which were painted in Wilko's matt 'Coastline' - a beautiful creamy colour. This took three coats but it the end result is just about perfect! While I was cracking on with this, Daniel got the messy jobs of painting the ceiling and painting above the picture rail. The ceiling was painted white and the area above the picture rail was painted in a gorgeous statement colour 'Java Bean' from Wilko's statement paint range for feature walls. It is an extremely dark, rich chocolate colour, and when two coats have dried, you can definitely see why it is a 'statement colour'. Together with the white and cream, our walls were described as a "yummy latte" - what a compliment!

Wilko's matt 'Coastline' paint
Wilko's 'Java Bean' statement paint

Our wallpapaper
Finally came the big final task - hanging the wallpaper! I admit I am absolutely shocking at hanging wallpaper so we were very fortunate to have Daniel's mother come and do it for us, as she makes it look so easy! Our wallpaper is chocolate brown with large green flowers and a collection of cream flowers, completed by dark brown leaves and a sheen effect - it looks stunning! This was placed on our feature wall and, for around £10 a roll, it is a bargain! 

The room wouldn't have ended up in as good a quality as it has done without little but necessary prep work such as sanding, cleaning and caulking, but since now we can sit and relax in our cosy living room, all of the hard work and money spent was completely worth it!

Our new living room!


  1. Looks nice.

    I wish i'd done a before & after series for our house, as it was a complete dive when we moved in!

  2. thank you very much! That would have been interesting to see! I'm just trying to blog about anything at the minute so thought this would be a good one to do!


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