Saturday, 24 September 2011

What to Wear...

Myself and @ultimatecoddy have been invited to our workmates' wedding next month (they met at Walton's Publications five years ago and now they're getting married - ahhh!) so naturally I am thinking about what I am going to wear!

I have only ever been to one wedding when I was a kid, making this is my first wedding as an adult. Of course, I want a fab, stylish outfit to wear but also something that will still be comfortable way into the reception (unless there is pink wine, then comfort won't necessarily matter!)

Like most women, Kate Middleton's style really appeals to me; it is simple yet classic and elegant, and when I think of wedding outfits, this is the first image that pops into my head.

My inspiration for the upcoming nuptials!

I love the colour-blocking effect and simplicity of the outfit - and teamed with some fab shoes and some sort of hair accessory I think this might be my look!

So as I was waiting for the AA men to come and fix my car (that's another story!) I started looking on - I have been a fan of this site for a while now. A friend recommended it to me when we were discussing clothing retailers (and the lack of in Grimsby - hence the conversation on online retailers!) and I ended up purchasing a fun, floaty, floral, one-shoulder dress - absolutely love it!

I am on a budget, and the great thing about missguided is that is so inexpensive but is still so fashionable and a good quality. So, after loving nearly every dress on the site, I have narrowed it down to these few firm favourites - and I'd appreciate your advice!

'Alanetta' lace bodycon dress in Wine
£24.99 - love this colour!
'Aldara' lace pleat dress in Wine
'Cristina' 3/4 sleeve lace pleat dress
in Burnt Orange £26.99

'Cristina' in cream - or is it too close
to white?

'Africa' sheered one-shoulder
dress in Rust Red £19.99

'Charlota' one-shoulder sheer pleated
dress in Sapphire £36.99

Twiggie crochet waistband skater
dress in Red £25.99

Twiggie in Wine...

...or Twiggie in Blue!

'Kornelia' Polka Dot bow dress
in black £24.99...
...or 'Kornelia' in white!

Obviously, I know none of these dresses look *exactly* like that of the Duchess of Cambridge's, but teaming the above with a simple black blazer will look fab. I think the reds, burnt oranges, mustards and creams are brilliant for Autumn, I personally LOVE  navy and the polka dot dresses are so cute! And each dress comes in a variety of colours which gives me even more choices, although, I am leaning towards one of the skater-skirt dresses at the minute...

So, what is your opinion? I'd love to get your feedback on my choices, or if you have any other suggestions please let me know!


  1. Love this post! The last is my favourite. x hivenn

  2. Aw thanks very much! The dotty ones are one of my favourites too... I can't decide!

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