Saturday, 8 October 2011

I still don't know what to wear...

As I mentioned in What to Wear... a couple of weeks ago, I will be attending the wedding of my workmates very soon and I still really do not know what to wear! Now, the ceremony is in EIGHT DAYS and I have just gone and confused myself again by looking on the missguided website and liking more dresses - yes, more dresses!

So, along with the choices I showcased here, I now am considering these options too...
Absolutely ADORE this: Amica pleated
dress with pearl shoulder detail in
blush - £34.99

Lanca polka dot box pleat skater dress
in navy - £18.99 (bargain!)

At the minute I am favouring the blush Amica dress - it is elegant but still fun and ever so pretty, and I can see this as a wedding outfit, but part of me still loves all of the others! So, I would definitely appreciate your thoughts on these dresses - answers on a postcard please! (Or the comment box below will suffice...)

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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