Monday, 3 October 2011

More for the Wish List...

As I was looking through October's issue of Elle magazine, I came across MANY items that caught my eye, but there were some in particular that I couldn't stop thinking about...

Love purple, love shine, love show-stopping shoes!

First of all was these beauties from Kurt Geiger! Then I remembered, I already have some similar - not in shape, but in material and colour.

My Berties - 2/3 years old
I bought these Bertie shoes back when I worked for the Shoe Studio in House of Fraser, Grimsby (with staff discount, of course!) After working at Barratts shoes from the age of 16 until 19, and then moving straight onto Shoe Studio (quickly followed by the new Office concession in the same HOF until I was 21), I became addicted to shoes and fell in love with these at fist sight! You will have to excuse the lighting in the image however - poor energy efficient light bulbs and no flash on my iPhone!

 Next up came this beautiful necklace from Pandora...

One for the jewellery box

My bracelet
Anyone who knows me personally knows I love my Pandora charm bracelet - it was a present from my Mum and Dad for my 21st birthday and each charm I have signifies a special occasion; five were for my 21st, one for Christmas, one that has a heart, cross and anchor that I relate to my Nanna, Mum and Grandad (RIP), a pile of books with an owl on that is so similar to the owl on my infant and junior school uniform that I got for graduation, a good luck charm from the Office girlies when I got my first full-time journalism job and a house charm now that I am living with the one and only @ultimatecoddy! I may be slightly biased towards Pandora jewellery purely because my bracelet means so much to me, but this necklace really is stunning in a simple kind of way.

I'd need a lifetime supply of protector spray for these!
Finally came Ugg boots, but not how I've seen them before! I have never been a fan of the classic style (I think nearly every woman in the Grimsby area owns a pair - or the cheaper version at least!) but these really stood out to me. Since I am short (5ft 1!) I have always been sceptical of above-the-knee suede boots, but these wedge ones I would definitely give a try!


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