Thursday, 13 October 2011

One for the Gleeks!: Rachel

Following on from last week's 'One for the Gleeks!', there is only one character that can continue the series on from Finn - and that is Rachel!

Since the moment they first sang 'Don't Stop Believin'', I think we all wanted these two to get together. With Finn's blonde but awesome lines and Rachel's big-headiness, and with the compassion they both have, they make a great pair!

Rachel's made no secret throughout the two-and-a-bit series that she wants to be a star, and it's safe to say she definitely has the voice (Jar of Hearts, anyone?), and the attitude! So with that in mind, here are few of Rachel Berry's best quotes.

Rachel: You may laugh because every time I sign my name I put a gold star after it, but it's a metaphor, and metaphors are important. My gold stars are a metaphor for ME being a star.

Rachel: (To Finn) You're very talented. I should know, I'm very talented too.

Rachel: Oh hello! I couldn't help but notice you admiring me yesterday in the courtyard.
Sunshine: Um, what?
Rachel: Oh you don't speak English. YOU LIKE ME SING! YOU LIKE ME SING VERY MUCH!
Sunshine: Um, I totally speak English.

Rachel: You might think that all the boys at school would totally want to tap this, but my MySpace schedule keeps me way too busy to date.

Finn: How do you feel about me not being on the football team anymore?
Rachel: I kinda like it. Now I don't have to fantasize about what song I'd sing at your bedside if you were in a coma.

Rachel: Have you ever liked somebody so much you just wanna lock yourself in your room, turn on sad music, and cry?

Rachel: I think the rest of the team expects us to become an item. You, the hot, male lead, and me, the stunning, young ingenue everyone roots for.

Finn: Do you know what we should do?
Rachel: Elope?
Finn: What?
Rachel: Nothing.

Rachel: I'm like Tinkerbell, Finn. I need applause to live!

Mercedes: Look Rachel, the truth is, you're the best singer we've got.
Kurt: As much that it hurts me to admit it, and it does... she's right. Rachel is our star. If anyone is gonna go belt it on the fly, it should be her.
Rachel: Well, I do have something that I've been working on since I was four.

Rachel: I look forward to the day the paparazzi provokes me and I attack them.

Rachel: Your face tastes awesome.

Rachel: I'm very specific when I give a gift. You don't know how many kittens I gave away because they just weren't right.

Rachel: When I'm done rehearsing, I'd like your feedback. Tell me if I was brilliant or simply outstanding.

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P.P.S: Glee Series 3 is on Sky One at 9pm on Thursdays!

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