Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The power of social media

If you are from the Grimsby area, like me, and are on Facebook, then you may have noticed a lot of status updates and shared links about this.

A person in the town has filmed and absolutely awful video that really is shocking, but has used it for good! He videoed his neighbours punching, kicking and beating their dog with a stick- and in front of their children! It is absolutely disgusting to see, but instead of just posting the video, he attached the phone number for the RSPCA who have reportedly received a large amount of complaints about the incident(s).

Obviously, word spread quickly across Facebook and a large mob arrived at the house - I bet he was in for a shock! I'm not entirely sure what has occurred here (I haven't been there myself, this is just what I have seen from updates) but it has been alleged that violence has taken place - this may not be the most suitable answer, but hopefully the dog is now safe!

Word spread across to Twitter where, people have said, police from the Humberside force were informed - so now they are at the scene and the dog has been rescued by the RSPCA - all of this has taken place in approximately three hours!

As I said, I'm not entirely sure of all the details so I am unaware of what has happened to the family (other than being punched and having their windows put through, apparently!), but it just shows how powerful social media can be when it comes to putting a message across.

I will most definitely be keeping my ears open about this story!


  1. Great post! We hear so much about the downside of Social Media that it's really great to hear about it being used in such a decent and helpful way, and to do good in the community :)

  2. Thanks Erika! I know, if it was just him reporting it, it would have taken ages for something to be done so it just shows how powerful it can be! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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