Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Britney Spears: Femme Fatale Tour 2011 - Part 2

One great thing about these blog posts is that I have been able to relive the magic of this concert for an extra four days!

Just in case you missed it, here is Part One of my Femme Fatale Tour posts, and if you enjoyed that, then here is Part Two!

For me, the BEST part was the finale song - always a big showstopper *literally* but Ms. Spears performed 'Till the World Ends' - one of my all-time FAVOURITE songs of hers. I always knew this would be amazing live, and it really was (see the last five pictures above). 

There are many smaller details I particularly liked about this tour; firstly, a countdown was included at the start, counting from 30 minutes after the supporting acts had finished - this way, we all knew that she couldn't be late starting the show!

Secondly, Britney not only included some of the performers she had collaborated with, such as Nicki Minaj and Will.I.Am, in the tour by showing videos of their parts of the song, but she also pulled an innocent person up on stage to give them a lapdance (see Part One) - to me, this suggests that Britney wants to share this amazing part of her life with everyone - singers and fans - and that she really is back on form after 'those times' (I think you all know what I'm referring to!) And, unlike some people, it really doesn't bother me if she doesn't sing live because everything else is so brilliant - it's all about the show!

The only thing I'd change... I'd go and see her in a bigger arena next time. As much as Sheffield Arena is convenient for me (One and a half hours away and right next to Meadowhall - hello!), the stage really isn't big enough for a performer of Britney's scale, so in the future, Manchester or London it is!


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