Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Drinks-Lab: The Homebrew Kit

You may have seen me mention a couple of times now that I was given the chance to turn fruit juice into alcohol - yes, you heard me right! Drinks-Lab got in touch and asked if I would give this homebrew experience a go, and I'm very pleased I did!

The kit...

The kit consists of four packets of yeast, a rubber bung, plastic funnel and lid, labels and the all-important instructions, and the ultimate goal is to turn juice into sparkling wine in 24 hours. All you need is an empty bottle with a VERY wide neck (if the juice is in a carton), a little bit of water and some glasses to enjoy...

The process is incredibly simple:

Pour the juice into a bottle

Add the yeast

Fill the top half way with water and
add the cap

Leave to ferment for at least 24 hours!

As you can see, I used Raspberry and Cranberry juice (as recommended by the team) and had to pour the juice into this plastic milk bottle as any others I had spare were not wide enough to accommodate the bung! I did find a problem using this type of bottle, but I will explain this later. In my second try I used Still Pink Lemonade and luckily the juice came in a bottle that had a wide enough neck, and this worked a treat!

The process itself is as simple as it looks - it's so easy - and the good news is you are left with a fruity, fizzy, slightly alcoholic beverage in the end which I think is ideal for drinks before a night out! I drank the Pink Lemonade wine myself (lovely flavour) and took the Cranberry and Raspberry variety to a family gathering - everybody said it was tasty and that it was incredibly sweet. I have a major sweet tooth (have I mentioned that before?!), so the wine was perfect for me, but for those who aren't as sweet as me, maybe drink this in small doses...

Still Pink Lemonade Sparkling Wine!
As I said above, there was a slight problem with my bottle choice. I think that the plastic used was too soft to hold the fermentation as, when I tried a glass, the wine wasn't very fizzy at all! However, straight away I transferred the rest of the beverage over to a wine bottle and, when drinking the wine at the gathering later on, it was extremely fizzy! So my second suggestion is to make the drink in a sturdy, wide-necked bottle.

Finally, my third piece of advice is to drink your wine within a couple of days; I drank most of my Pink Lemonade variety the night after making it, however a week later I still had a glass left so I thought I'd treat myself. Little did I know that juice had continued fermenting and BOOM! as I opened the bottle the lid blew off and there was 'smoke' billowing out of it! I still tried to drink it but it was too strong - so make sure your wine is not left too long either!

Overall, I was very happy with the kit. The wine still tasted fruity and zesty (in the lemonade example) but had a little kick - very tasty - and thanks to the instructions and juice suggestions on the Drinks-Lab website, it was no fuss at all! As I said, I did encounter a couple of mishaps, but nothing too major that would make me think badly of this kit; for £9.99, you can't go wrong!


  1. great experiment to try home ... need to check drinks lab website not to dee with what juices this works
    great post
    come and say hi
    Always following&commenting
    The Dolls Factory

  2. Hi! Yeah, it is interesting to see what all of the flavours turn out like, and thank you very much - I'm glad you liked the post! x


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