Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Guest Blog: I am Batman.

You may have noticed that a certain someone keeps cropping up on my posts - a Mr @ultimatecoddy, my web designing, superhero obsessed, MMA fighting boyfriend. He has been very supportive over the past few months while I've put in some serious time blogging, and now he has agreed to give this a go himself and has written a guest blog post. So, without further ado, here is Daniel and his thoughts on the new XBox game Batman: Arkham City....


OK, here is my attempt at a guest blog for the incredible LC Issue. As an avid follower (well @lindsaycowie is my girlfriend), I've noticed a heavy bias towards all things girly (shoes and such -  this comment may not make the final edit).

I know there are some who may appreciate a more masculine blog. So what to write about? Well my life over the past couple of weeks has been spent immersed in a world of digital justice. I'm talking video games of course, more specifically Batman: Arkham City.

Is it good? That depends if you enjoy showing evil-doers the error of their ways with a well placed boot or fist? I do ….. very much it turns out. This game sends you into the dark vision of DC Comics Universe in a totally captivating way. The landscapes and character designs are a far cry from early camp 60s television shows, dark and with the promise of danger round ever corner. The game play makes you feel like the Dark Knight himself. 

I hid in a cupboard for thirty minutes waiting for @lindsaycowie to come home, so I could see if it was possible to subdue her with a 'Baterang' I made from cardboard, then I realised she was at a Zumba class. After I got the feeling back in my limbs, I crawled over to my Xbox (game available on other consoles, I read you had to say this), to continue the fight. The controls are easy to master; within minutes you are dropping from conveniently placed gargoyles and sending criminals to sleep in a way which only a life time dedicated to martial arts training, after witnessing the murder of your parents and swearing revenge on every criminal everywhere, can.

Should you get this game? YES but warn your immediate family that they may become victim to some serious superhero vengeance, and be prepared to lose hours of our life in front of the TV.

So my first venture into blogging is complete; if this gets some views and maybe a comment (?!?!?), then maybe the great LC issue will allow me to write for them again, I promise it will be awesome!


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