Sunday, 20 November 2011

Holidays are coming...

... and I'm SO excited! I absolutely love Christmas and always have done, and I know it is still a few weeks away but after seeing the Coca-Cola Christmas advert on Saturday, I haven't been able to contain myself!

When I was a child I used to make myself sick with excitement on Christmas Eve (not intentionally, obviously!) There was a time a couple of years ago where I didn't feel so Christmassy, but I put this down to working in retail and not having enough time off to really feel the spirit of Christmas - but last year that all changed! I am fortunate to have a whole two weeks off from work and this year I have a few holiday days left to take so I have plenty of time to get myself prepared for the festive season.

I love buying presents for people, and I always try to find something special or something a bit different - a few years ago I bought my Dad an acre of land on the Moon! I still have all but one to buy so over the coming weeks I will be getting my shopping head on and hunting for perfect presents!

I'm also SO looking forward to buying the decorations for mine and Daniel's lovely home - I did have a tree in my flat last year but now I am sharing this year with someone we have to go all out! We've already decided on a real tree which we will probably get in a couple of weeks (how scary?!) but I am loving shopping around for all of those little extras, like the lights, pretty baubles (I have loads of the bog standard 20-in-a-pack types), garlands and wreaths - there really are so many choices out there!

So, from now up until Christmas, I am going to be posting all of my finds on here in a new feature called 'Festive Finds 2011' (original, I know!) - everything from decorations and gifts to foods, films, songs, outfits and those things which are a bit unique.

I can not wait to get this feature started so please keep an eye out for my seasonal posts - coming soon!


  1. Cute post! Cant wait for your christmassy ones! xx

    The Londoner

  2. Hi Rose, thank you very much! I've just taken a look at your blog, I love the style of it! Thank you for taking a look x


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