Monday, 28 November 2011

Last Christmas...

Now the festive season is practically upon us, it has had me thinking about last year. It was my first Christmas where I didn't work in retail, and therefore I had more than just Christmas day off work, and it was my first holiday away from home (well,  I was in my little flat!), so it was definitely one to remember.

From the incredible snowfall,which led to the creation of one AMAZING snowman, to my first, very-own Christmas tree, here are just a couple of pictures from my Christmas, last year.

Mine and @ultimatecoddy's snowman - Dave...

... we built him in our work's car park one lunchtime!

My first, very-own Christmas tree

Festive candles - like this picture.


  1. Last Christmas should have been my first christmas in my then new flat (not my first Christmas away from home though, as I lived away at Uni etc), but the snow hampered those plans, and I didn't move in until New Years Eve! So, this year is going to be my first in my flat, and I can not believe how excited I am to be getting my very own Christmas tree and decorations eeeeek! :D

  2. It's so exciting! I love shopping for decorations,I bet you'll find some fab stuff! x

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