Thursday, 3 November 2011

One for the Gleeks!: Mercedes

'One for the Gleeks!' is back! Which must mean that Glee is back on our screens tonight! I'm not entirely sure why there was a three-week break after three episodes (was there supposed to be?) but I am very happy that it is back!

And what a cliff-hanger it ended on too! Mercedes left the Glee club because she was getting too big for her boots and has now joined the new rival Glee club?!She has had some brilliant diva-offs with Rachel of late and, because of all this, I think she is a great character to kick-start this feature (again!)

So, without further ado, here are some of Mercedes Jones' best quotes:

Mercedes: No need to warm up, Rachel. I'm about to go wrap this thing up like a Christmas present.

Mercedes: Oh, hell to the no! Look, I'm not down with this background singing nonsense! I'm Beyoncé, I ain't no Kelly Rowland!
Will: Now we're a little short on female roles, so we're gonna have to double up on Magentas and Columbias.
Rachel: It's standard practice on Broadway. It'll preserve your voices.
Mercedes: I'd like to preserve you... in a jar... in my basement.

Mercedes: (to Jesse St. James) Not too lazy to come up there and let you taste my fist.
Kurt: You shouldn't be embarrassed about your body.
Mercedes: Embarrassed ? I'm worried about showing too much skin and causing a sex riot.

Mercedes: Why do we need to go all vanilla on this song? What we need is my chocolate thunder.
Mercedes: Don't dream it. Be it.

Mercedes: You guys are ruining the vibe. Quinn you look hot, Finn you look handsome. Love you guys... but get lost.

Mercedes: Why does everyone assume I’m angry all the time? It’s called being sassy, Mr. Schue.

Mercedes: As soon as I get my record deal, I'm not speaking to any of you.

P.S. You can view Rachel's, Finn's, Santana's and Brittany's best quotes here! And of course, if you have any other great Mercedes quotes, then please let me know!


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