Thursday, 17 November 2011

One for the Gleeks: Puck!

Puck, Puckerman, Noah - whatever you want to call him, he is hot! He has a bad boy image, good looks, funny moments and a deep-down caring side - what's not to love?! At the moment in Glee, he had a 'moment' with Shelby, the adoptive mother of his child with Quinn, so I think this makes him the perfect candidate for the next 'One for the Gleeks' feature.

From his brief romance with Rachel to his surprising but BRILLIANT relationship with Lauren Zizes, here are some of Puck's best lines:

Puck: Dude, my bowels have better moves than you.

Puck: I’m a sex shark. If I stop moving, I die.

Puck: Are you kidding? Those skirts are crunchy toast. Santana Lopez bent over in hers the other day, and I swear I could see her ovaries.

Puck: What’s up with this Gaga dude? He just, like, dresses weird, right? Like Bowie?

Puck: Chicks don’t have prostates. I looked it up.

Puck: I know hickies. I'm a freakin' connoisseur. I can make them into shapes, like balloon animals.

Puck: Dude, your mouth is huge. How many tennis balls can you fit in there?  
Sam: I don’t know. I’ve never had any balls in my mouth. Have you?

Puck: God, I’m so tired of people judging me for a few mistakes I’ve made. I’ve tried to be a good guy, I go to school and I say “be cool Puck, be nice” but by second period I’ve got a fire extinguisher in my hand and I’m spraying some dweeb with it and I don’t know how I got there.

Puck: I prayed to God and told him if I ever got out, I'd start being nicer. Then I changed it to just Jews.

Puck: Are you questioning my badassness? Have you seen my guns?

Puck: When I woke up, I knew it was more than a dream. It was a message from God. Rachel was a hot Jew and the good Lord wanted me to get into her pants.

Puck: Revenge. Fear. The merciless affliction of pain. These are my kingdoms.

Will (After writing 'Madonna' on board):"What comes to mind when you see that name?
Rachel: Genius.
Kurt: Icon.
Puck: Hall of Fame MILF.

Puck: You two show up at Breadsticks tomorrow night around 7 and if we don't find hotter chicks to date, we might show up. 

Puck: Here's a drug test. See? Totally clean. I also haven't had a drink since we last talked, besides beer. I even did some homework. Turns out, Napoleon? Not just a dessert, he was a real dude.

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