Monday, 19 December 2011

Cowie and Savage do New York: Part One!

On Wednesday (14th), myself and a very god friend of mine, Miss Emily Savage went to see a film I've been dying to see - New Year's Eve! I saw the trailer a few weeks ago and just thought it looked like a fun, girly movie - and it was just that!

Nothing too serious, a few laughs, some sad parts and a whooole lot of romance which all comes together nicely over the night of New Years Eve. I'm not usually a fan of this particular night (as I've said before, I don't really see the big deal), but this actually got me looking forward to this year's celebrations. Even though this film obviously isn't for everybody, I loved it, and if you like fun, girly, easy films - then you'll love it too!

But one of my favourite parts of this is that it takes place in New York - possibly my most favourite place in the whole world! In April 2010, myself and Emily went to the Big Apple on a uni trip with East Coast Media and the whole week was fantastic - I genuinely didn't want to come home! So, as we sat there, getting excited saying 'I've been there!' as we spotted all the places we had visited, it had me reminiscing about our time there and I wanted to share just a few (of the MANY) photos I took on the trip.

Because there were so many, I've had to split this into two parts, and so to get us started, here's a few pics from our first couple of days...

The must-do shot - on the plane as we arrived

Where we stayed!

As you can see, no expense spared!

"Follow that cab!"

Going for a walk on the first day -
at Grand Central Station


Times Squre

My favourite place!
American cuisine - I love it!

Savage and myself in the queue for the ferry to Liberty Island
- with Twizzlers!

Part of the group on the island

Me and the Manhattan skyline

There she is!

Holding up the skyline...

Had to be done!


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