Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Cowie and Savage do New York: Part Two!

Continuing on from yesterday's post - here's Part Two of our New York trip from April 2010! 

The Manhattan skyline at night - on the ferry to Staten Island

Day three: subway to Coney Island

On the beach!

Some of the group at the New York Aquarium

Then we went back to the city and to
the Empire State Building!

Times Square at night!

Meal at the Hard Rock Cafe - Times Square


Day 4: Wall Street = Gold!


Day five: Tiffany's!

F.A.O Schwartz!

Savage liked the babies...

I liked the polar bears!


Toys, toys and more toys!

A hot dog form the street - had to be done!

The closest I'll get to being a Gossip Girl...

Central Park

The view from the coach on the way home...
New York... I will definitely see you again soon!


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