Friday, 9 December 2011

Festive Finds 2011: Our Christmas Tree!

That time is here now, the time to out up and decorate our Christmas trees, yes! This year is mine and @ultimatecoddy's first Christmas together so it's all very exciting, and last night we put up our tree with our Christmas Playlist on in the background and our cups of tea - or mug of delicious hazelnut hot chocolate in my case - so it was all very festive in our household!

But of course, there were a lot of decisions and discussions involved before we got to this point... Do we get a real tree or an artificial one? What size do we get? What colour decorations do we have? And what do we put on the top of the tree? Luckily, we have very similar tastes and love a traditional Christmas, so we chose red and gold decorations with a star to sit on the top branch.

The only thing we did think differently on was the tree itself; my family usually opt for a fake tree (mainly because my Sandy would knock it over so she could look out the window!) but Daniel is a real tree enthusiast, so this year we chose the latter... and I am so happy we did!

@ultimatecoddy with our tree!
Doesn't it look fantastic, even without the decorations! My mum mentioned a place just outside of Grimsby called the Brocklesby Estate, so I had a look on the world wide web and found that, not only do they have an extensive selection of real trees, but they also deliver - bonus! Our tree, which is 8ft, cost £34 and an extra £10 for delivery - absolute bargain! Especially for the quality too; it's so green and moist - you can tell it's only been recently cut - and it smells so Christmassy (that wonderful pine smell) and is so full, so no sparse-looking branches for us! The delivery came first thing in the morning, on time - what more could you ask for? I am so impressed with this service - if you still need a tree and are in the Grimsby area, then I'd definitely recommend the Brocklesby Estate!

Me, adding some trimmings!

So, straight after work, we rushed home and immediately started dressing the tree. Lights were first, which cost £4.50 for 80 lights from Asda, followed by red beaded garlands and tinsel (I had to be talked into this too but I am pleased I gave in, and each strand cost about 80p from Asda!). Then came lots of baubles and ornaments which, again, were mostly packs from Asda which I bought last year. As well as a mixture of gold and red baubles, in a variety of sizes, we have red hanging jewels and glittery droplets and red and gold glittery snowflakes. Next came the star; a large gold one that cost approximately £4.99 from B&Q - we had been hunting for ages for the right one, and was the last one so it must have been fate!

The finishing touch!

But my favourite part is mine and Daniel's special ornament; a transparent bell with white snowflakes printed on it and a silver bell inside - lovely! This was Daniel's idea; he said we should buy a special bauble for every year we are together (ahhh, I know!) so we found this one in Past Times (one of my favourite shops!) and it only cost £4.20 thanks to a disount and I think it is absolutely perfect!

Not the best picture, but our special ornament...

... and on the tree!

The finished product!

So that's our tree! All together, it didn't cost a lot at all thanks to our fab find and cheap and cheerful decorations from Asda but it looks fantastic - I can't stop looking at it! If you've still got some bits and bobs to buy to decorate your home, then don't eliminate the 'cheap' because you think they might not be suitable, you may just be surprised!


  1. Lovely Christmas tree, I can't wait to put mine up soon :]


  2. Thank you very much, I can't stop looking at it! x


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