Thursday, 22 December 2011

One for the Gleeks: On a break!

Hello everyone!

Well, what a week it has been! After blogging like mad in the run up to The LC Issue's 1st birthday, I've become a bit stuck so I'm taking this time to write a bit about what I've been doing (for anybody that might be slightly interested?)

Firstly, I'd just like to say that, since 'Glee' is now on a break, I have decided to put my 'One for the Gleeks' posts on hold until the series returns... I hope it's back soon! Whenever American series do this, I always forget what has happened in the first half - which isn't good! Although, to be fair, it is easy enough to catch up on, but I'd much prefer it if they ran straight through... But don't forget, you can view all of my previous 'OFTG' posts right here!

Secondly, I'm so excited for Christmas! I managed to get the majority of my presents bought at the end of November and the rest within the next couple of weeks, so luckily I haven't been running around like a headless chicken this year! Because I was so excited too, I wrapped them all up pretty much straight away so I've had lots of presents to look at for the last few weeks - ahh! Buying and giving gifts is defnitely my favourite part of the festive season - along with decorations and chocolate of course. I have spent the last couple of weeks catching up on Christmas films - 'Elf' (love it!) and 'Miracle on 34th Street' which I had never seen before but absolutely loved. There's something about black and white films that make you feel festive...

Anyway, today it is our Christmas lunch; I will be out of the Walton's Office from 12:30pm and will not be back until 4th January - I completely appreciate how lucky we are to have a Christmas break like this, and that we are able to have our work's Christmas do with all the staff at a nice restaurant (and pub this year!) during the day, leaving plenty of time for drinks at night - so I apologise now if I leave any hungover tweets on Friday...

One thing I do need to do ASAP is catch up on follow-up posts that I keep forgetting to do! If you follow this blog on a regular basis, then you may have remembered some posts I wrote back in September/October about a friend's wedding, and I needed some help picking an outfit. Well, obviously the wedding has now been and long gone and I still haven't written about my chosen outfit! The reason for this... I don't have a picture of me that I like for it! I have seen one from somebody else, however, so as soon as I remember to get this, the post will be up!

I'm also going to be looking back at the past year, mainly on the success of my New Year's resolution (or lack of in some cases!), so there is that to look forward to as well. And I'm very sure there are plenty of festive posts to come too - only four more sleeps!

I will try to blog as much as I can over the festive period, however I may drink too much pink wine and consume my body weight in chocolate and therefore I won't be able to move, let alone think - I can't wait!

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