Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Top 20 Posts of the Year: Part One!

In two days time, my beloved blog will be turning one! A whole year since the very first post on this version on The LC Issue; I have stuck to my mission of regularly updating this site - admittedly, sometimes more regularly than others - and it has grown and blossomed into the blog it is today... I'm so proud!

So, in the run up to this special birthday, over the next two days I will be listing my favourite posts from the past 12 months, and to kick off the countdown, I will be starting with...

20. I heart Art Deco
As I said in this post, I love everything about Art Deco and I am so pleased that this style is making its way into High Street shops - I will be able to buy beautiful pieces on a budget (who doesn't love that!) This post took a VERY quick look at just some of the items available both online and in shops, including this cape from ASOS, and I can't wait to see what else is in store!

19. Mrs Crimble's: Let's Bake Love!
My very first experience of a macaroon... and it just happened to be gluten-free too! I had received some samples of Mrs Crimble's macaroons in chocolate and the new cranberry flavour whilst at work and couldn't believe I hadn't tried them before; they were gooey-cakey-coconutty goodness itself and it was interesting to see their new packaging too - take a look at the post to read more!

18. The Body Shop: New Products!
Receiving samples for my work is definitely one of the perks - I feel so lucky to receive them! This post is another one about more that were sent, but this time they were previews of new, upcoming products from The Body Shop! The package included products from their Wild Rose Handcare range and their Smoky-Eye Palette (which features in another post further down the list...) and to see what my first impressions were, you'll have to click here....

17. Guest Blog: All Things Nautical, Stripe and Wonderful
I had met Hannah Coleman of Dreamwalls a few times before this, and she had even written an interiors feature all about retro inspirations for Lincolnshire in Focus. She is so passionate about all things home so I was very pleased when she agreed to let me feature this post about traditional British seaside beach hut inspired interiors. To date, this post has been my most viewed of all time - you guys must love your interior design!

16. Britney Spears: Femme Fatale Tour 2011
I couldn't have had a Top 20 List without including Miss Spears! In November, I travelled to Sheffield to see the pop princess live in concert (my third time!) and I loved it; the choreography, costumes, setting, lighting and music, of course - all brilliant. I loved it so much that I made it into two posts! So here is Part One, and here is Part Two!

15. Celebrating Lincolnshire Cuisine
September was a great month for Lincolnshire; we were named 'Britain's Favourite Food Spot' in the British Food Fortnight poll! What a title - and so fitting considering this county is home to the Lincolnshire sausage, Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese, Belvoir Fruit Cordials and Licolnshire Red Beef to name a few! This post was originally a feature in September's Lincolnshire in Focus magazine, but I liked it so much I posted it on here!

14. Home Life: A Girl's Best Friend
Back in February I found some old photographs of my beautiful pet dog, Sandy, on my computer and I wanted to share them with you all. I had moved out of my home just a few months before this post and finding these pictures made me realise how much I missed her, so here are the photos for you all (and myself) once again!

13. Had a bad day? It's my dad to the rescue!
I was having a bit of a bad day the day I wrote this - looking back it is laughable now but at the time it was very annoying! But, as the title of my post suggests, my Dad was being Superdad and helped me, like he always does when I need it, no matter how big or small the problem! After a lovely tweeter made a very thoughtful comment, I was inspired to write this post; I know I am very lucky to have a dad like him, but I hope he knows he happy to have a daughter like me ;) joking!

12. The Only Way is... guilty TV?
Yes, I admit it, I do like a bit of guilty television of the 'docu-drama' variety. When I wrote this, series two of TOWIE was just beginning and it got me thinking about the genre as a whole; I remembered something that was said to me which I addressed in this post - and to be honest, I think that is what makes one of my favourites! Take a look to see what I mean...

11. Renovating Our Residence
Again, another two-part feature because I just had so much to blog about! In September, myself and @ultimatecoddy started to redecorate our first home together (ahh!) with the great help from his mother; it took a lot of hard work, from plastering cracks to several coasts of chocolate matt paint, but it looks fantastic! To see what we materials we used and the process, take a look here and here!

Part two... is coming tomorrow!


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