Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Top 20 Posts of the Year: Part Two!

10. Make-Up: Night Out!
I have seen a lot of this style of blog over the past couple of years, and this October I felt it was about time I had a go too, so I wrote a post all about my make-up for a night out. On this particular night, myself and @ultimatecoddy were heading out on a joint hen/stag - or "hag" do, as it became known - so it was the perfect time to try out my Body Shop Smoky Eye Palette - if you like make-up, then this post is for you!

9. Festive Finds 2011: Christmas Playlist!
This post is one of my more recent ones but, in terms of stats, it has done incredibly well - I'm so pleased! It seems as if a lot of people are looking for suggestions for their own seasonal song list and I hope that my suggestions help! Of course, there has been so many great Christmas tunes in the past and I couldn't choose them all, so here are just a few suggestions for the rest of the festive period.

8. Drinks-Lab: The Homebrew Kit
The lovely people from Drinks-Lab got in touch with me and asked if I would like to review their new product, a kit that turns juice into sparkling wine... erm, yes please! So I gave it a go and gave the process my honest opinion, and found some helpful tips along the way. To see how this experiment went, simply click here!

7. Fancy a Fish Pedicure?
Those dreaded things that allegedly cause all sorts of diseases and infections, well Daniel and I went to experience one, and you can see how we got on in this post! This is one of my favourites as it is not just a review, I also looked into 'those claims' and did my homework - partly for this post, partly to ease my mind about the whole thing! But, as they say, you don't know unless you try...

6. Being Beside the Seaside
This summer, myself, Daniel and his amazing dog Brandy went on some looong walks along the beach, and on this particular day, we ventured along the seafront onto the Boating Lake, the Country Park and all the way back home! (You'll know where I mean if you're familiar with Cleethorpes!) This year is also the year I discovered Instagram, and this resulted in some lovely pictures that I wanted to share with you all. Even if you're not familiar with my hometown, I hope you all like this post anyway!

5. The A to Z of Weird and Wonderful Wedding Locations
 This was such a fun post to write; I compiled this list after researching Independent Celebrants for our wedding magazine and was surprised by the freedom you can have for your wedding ceremony (obviously, there are legalities involved though!) I was really able to let my imagination run wild and it was so interesting finding out random places in which people have wed -  did you hear about the couple who married in McDonalds while the restaurant was still open? No? Neither had I until this feature! If you liked that little bit of not-very-useful information, then you will love this post!

4. Blast from the Past: Must Have - The Goddess Guide

This certainly was a blast from the past as I had originally posted this blog on the old LC Issue back in February 2010. I absolutely love this book - I think every girl should own a copy - and I felt it deserved a place on the new LC Issue, so I added it! But the highlight for me was getting a tweet from the author, Gisele Scanlon - how amazing!? So this is why The Goddess Guide is number four on my Top 20 list.

3. Guest Blog: I am Batman
It was only a matter of time before this happened, and I'm so pleased it did! My lovely boyfriend wrote a guest post for me all about the (then) new Xbox game Batman: Arkham City. I love that Daniel took the time write about something he likes, and that he wrote it in such a fun way too! So, my number three post goes to the one and only Mr @ultimatecoddy!

2. One for the Gleeks!
Glee; one of my most favourite television shows that I can't get enough of. So much so, I began this series of posts! One of my favourite parts of this programme is the one-liners from characters like Brittany, Santana, Puck and of course Sue which are just brilliant, and the songs aren't too bad either! Each week, I feature my favourite quotes for different characters, and trust me, there is so many it's hard to choose! You can see all this series so far... here!

1. Goodbye 2010...
2010 was definitely the best year of my life; there were so many highlights to the point where I can't believe how lucky I am. This year resulted in some great stories (like jury service!) and times I will remember for the rest of my life (like going to New York and getting a phone call from Cosmo on graduation day where I won the Student of the Year Award!) And, even though there was a not-so-happy period, I can only look back on this year with pleasure. It makes me feel so happy to look back at this post,  and saying goodbye to 2010 meant saying hello to 2011 - the year of the Coddy and The LC Issue becoming bigger and better each day. I'm a very happy lady!

So, that is it, my Top 20 Posts of the first year of The LC Issue! I hope you all liked them because there are plenty more where these came from! Tomorrow's post will be celebrating my blog's first birthday, and if you feel the need to send over any birthday cake, then please feel free! *Wink!*

Thank you all for reading!


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