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...Hello 2012!


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I can't believe it's been a whole year since I sat at home on New Year's Eve night writing and publishing my New Year's Resolutions - time really does fly by!

In my last post, I wrote about 2011; what happened, what didn't happen, how my resolutions played out, so of course, this post is going to be all about 2012 and my P.O.A to make this year even better.

So, without further ado, here are my New Year's Resolutions:

1.  Make The LC Issue even bigger and better!
This blog is my most favourite hobby that I have ever had; I love coming home from work and being able to type away about whatever I feel like writing, and I love that you lovely people take the time to have a look - it really does mean so much to me! Although I did have a bit of a slump in the summer, in September this blog had a revamp (thanks to Daniel!) and the posts haven't stopped since and I can genuinely see The LC Issue growing and becoming more successful before my eyes; it is so exciting! So, in 2012, my resolution is to continue blogging, diversify my posts (for example, include more people) and to enhance the photography on my blog (see point 3), and I will see where The LC Issue leads to next...

2. Take the next step in my career
I know this was a resolution last year, but I never want to stop progressing when it comes to my job - and you should never stop being your best, no matter what time of year it is! I am gaining more and more confidence in my work - trying new feature ideas, making more contacts, standing up for myself in the workplace - and I want to continue this and put all of what I have learned so far into practice. Last year I was promoted to Deputy Editor at my publishing company and I will continue to work my absolute hardest to make sure I reach the next stage - whatever that may be!

3. Take more photos
Yes, another repeat from 2011's list but, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, I failed. But, the wonderful @ultimatecoddy bought me an amazing new camera which looks so promising - I really think I will be able to develop my photography skills with this one! So, the first part of this resolution is to take more photos for my blog (rather than just on my phone's camera), making them more 'arty' if you like and just better visually, and the second part is to take more photos in general. I am the person who always has a camera on them but never takes any photos - I have a great feeling about this year and want to document as much as possible!

4. Get Fit!
Such a cliche I know, but both myself and Daniel are going to work hard at this one. Over the last few months, since moving in together, we have been in that happy place which means we eat more food than we probably should and become lazy when it comes to exercise... so this is going to change! I am going to continue with my weekly zumba class, ACTUALLY play zumba on the wii when at home (another Christmas gift) and want to try a second zumba class - zumba toning, possibly in a few months time. When the weather gets warmer (and days become longer), I'd like to try running too, and I'm going to cut back on sweets and chocolate - this is going to be the tough one!

5. Plan my finances
This is already taking shape - woohoo! I have never been bad with money; never been in debt or in my overdraft and never had a major amount on my credit, but I already have a P.O.A in place for January and February which means that, fingers crossed, my credit card will be paid off by beginning of March and I will be debt free (apart form student loans) - and what a great feeling it is knowing that! And it will be good timing too as I have big plans for this year - a new car, a holiday, finishing decorating the house and possibly an iPad... I just need to stick to it!

And that's it! Even though these are 'New Year's Resolutions', I honestly believe that you should try your best and make and necessary changes to your lifestyle (if you want to) - whatever they may be - at any time of year - why put off until later what you can do now? However, I personally feel the 'New Year, New You' frame of mind is a great starting point, so here's to 2012!

And of course, good luck for all of your resolutions too!

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