Thursday, 5 January 2012

My New Toy!

You may have seen me mention this already, but for Christmas, the amazing @ultimatecoddy got me a new digital camera, and I have been dying to try it out ever since! I love looking at the photographs on other people's blogs and would really like to improve my photography skills; this new camera has LOADS of different settings and features and, just from playing with it quick, it looked very promising.

My last camera really wasn't very good at all; it was very temperamental, it took what felt like ages to take a picture and, although it had lasted me a long time, I just generally didn't bother to take many photos - but that's all about to change! On Monday (2nd January), myself and Dan took his lovely dog Brandy on a walk along the quiet end of Cleethopes beach, so I took my new toy along to see what it could do...

The 'quiet end' as I call it

Testing out the macro



Had to be done!

Brandy scaring the seagulls


Trying out the macro again

Not sure what happened here...

Daniel looking like Badly Drawn Boy!

The camera is the Panasonic Lumix F535, it:
  • Has an Intelligent Auto mode (iA), which is absolutely brilliant. It could detect whether I was taking a picture of a landscape or a person, and even turned on Macro when I needed it! 
  • Has all the usual modes (28 in total) from portrait, landscape, sport, firework, night time, sun and snow variations to options suitable for taking pictures of food, pets, babies and even aerial photos! 
  • Can remove red-eye, has face detection, a stabiliser, self-timer and various flash settings
  • Can take panorama images and can focus on up to 11 items in one image
  • Has changeable white balance, shutter speed,
  • Has extra sensitivity settings and burst photography options 
  • Has a transformation option to stretch or 'slimline' the image and a soft skin option to airbrush (how brilliant!) 
  • Is 16 megapixels and has an 8x zoom 
  • Can also upload images straight to Facebook and videos to Youtube, but I haven't tried this out...

But, considering I don't know an awful lot about cameras and I know I still need to have a lot of practice ant photographing, I'm so excited about this! If anybody has any special tips or advice, then please let me know!


  1. love collecting seashells!! :))


  2. Aw I know, I've lived by this beach all my life and I still feel the need to do it ha! Thank you for commenting!


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