Friday, 27 January 2012

*The TLC Plan from Activia: Part Four

I love a bit of baking. My Grandad always made excellent cakes and tarts; they were my absolute favourite when I was growing up and the taste and textures were perfect every time - I always thought he could have his own cake shop! And, even though this may sound a *bit* big-headed, I sometimes like to think I have some of his talent...

Saying that, my last baking attempt didn't quite work out right (I knew that plain flour wouldn't make this cake rise!) but on Sunday I put my baking hat back on and made the TLC Plan's Sultana, Hazelnut and Oat Cookies - I NEVER expected them to be good as they were!

Creaming the margarine and brown sugar.

Adding the sultanas and hazelnuts after mixing in one beaten egg and the semi-skimmed milk.

Ready to fold in the wholemeal self-raising flour.

Coating the mixture in rolled oats after rolling it into balls.

Hey presto!

Flattening them down ready for baking.

And voila! Absolutely amazing cookies!

I will admit, I was a little skeptical of these at first; I much prefer chocolate in my biscuits rather than raisins and I had never tried baking with wholemeal flour and brown sugar before, so I was unsure of what they would taste like. However, to my delight, I had nothing to worry about because these were absolutely delicious!

Because self-raising flour was used (I'm still baffled as to why it was used in this recipe and not the lemon cake's?!), they were really soft and spongy - not hard like cookies from a packet -  which I really liked. They were also really moist and were so tasty; it's a shame I only had this snack three times on my plan!

The only negative, although it isn't really, which hasn't got anything to do with the recipe or ingredients, is that I made the dough balls waaayyyy too big so the mixture didn't make 30 cookies like it should, but I'm not complaining because it meant I got to eat bigger cookies...

And, even the Graphics Department at Walton's HQ liked them! Another success for Danone Activia's TLC Plan!


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