Monday, 30 January 2012

*The TLC Plan from Activia: Part Six


That's it folks, the TLC Plan is OVER! For the past two weeks, this plan has taken over my life - and my blog - and now the time has come to look back over the past 14 days and reflect...

The items of the Activia range that I bought.
For those of you who missed this post or do not know much about it, the TLC Plan is a diet which you follow for two weeks in order to give your tummy some 'TLC'.  You sign up to the TLC website for free, answer a few questions and then you have your plan set out in front of you and ready to view at anytime online. For each day, you have a breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks meal suggestion, but you have the option to change what is given, as well as some fitness and general health tips.

I was asked to take part in this and trust me, I was more than happy to go along with it! Like many people, I had over indulged in chocolates, drink and roast dinners over Christmas and I could definitely feel it in my stomach. My other reason for doing this was that it would be a big challenge; I have NEVER been on a diet or eating plan before. Because I'm at work 9-to-5 and then either come home to blog or to go to zumba, I just usually make something quick for dinner or, as the case is sometimes, order a takeaway and I knew that this plan would mean getting out of this comfort zone, so I thought BRING IT ON!

After a ridiculous shopping trip in preparation for this (I really didn't realise how little myself and @ultimatecoddy actually keep in the cupboards!), I started the plan on 16th January and it ended last night. You can see my first week's plan here and week number two's here.

Healthy homemade lemon cake anyone?
So, how did it go? 

Overall, I am very pleased with not only how good the plan is but also how well I stuck to it. Admittedly, I did miss the odd snack and one dinner (thanks to Mother taking me to Gala Bingo!), but I really did try my best to keep to the plan and measurements given, and use the right ingredients - hence the massive shopping list!

One of the parts which I found really impressive are the breakfasts. As I have said before, I am one of those people who either munch on a couple of cereal bars, have a quick slice of toast (unless Dan makes me bowl of porridge) or just skip it. This plan, however, has introduced me to a number of tasty but so easy to prepare breakfasts such as the wholemeal breakfast biscuits topped with yoghurt, toast with peanut butter and a banana and the BLT bagel! I am so determined to carry on eating these breakfasts now that the plan is over.
Creamy garlic mushrooms -
one of my faves!
I was also majorly impressed with some of the dinners too, for instance I LOVE creamy garlic mushrooms but have never attempted to make it (I wouldn't know where to start?!), but this plan has introduced me to creme fraiche and now I will be more than happy to make this as a starter and a main! I have been able to experiment with new ingredients that normally I wouldn't consider, and because of this I have found new foods that I like and want to continue making and eating in the future.

When first getting ready to take part in this, one of the most daunting aspects was the amount of preparation involved; I knew that a lot of my time would be spent in the kitchen getting the meals ready. Luckily, I enjoy cooking and once I had started and followed the recipes, everything was fine! If your lifestyle is like mine, you just have to bear in mind that not only are you preparing the breakfast, you are also getting your morning snack and lunch ready to take to work, and then you have your afternoon snack followed by dinner to make along with any preparation for the morning. So, my advice for anybody considering this plan is to make sure you have the time, or can make the time, to do this properly and you will definitely feel better for it. 

Even the Danone Activia products has really impressed me! I am not a big yoghurt eater (I much prefer puddings or chocolate after a meal!) but the fat-free yoghurts, pouring yoghurts and Intensely Creamy yoghurts in particular are delicious! So much so that I have already bought my next set of each...

Of course, the Activia brand is famous for it's 'Tummy TLC' ethos and this is the main objective of the plan; to make your stomach feel better. But does it work? 
I'd say so. I genuinely do not feel bloated like I used to; I can eat until I'm full but it does not make me feel sick. I am getting fuller more easily and therefore I'm not eating as much; I weighed myself on the Wii Fit yesterday and, to my delight, it said that in the last two weeks I have lost three pounds! RESULT!
Plenty of healthy, filling meals.

I have mentioned previously on this blog that I LOVE a takeaway and, since week one, I have been changing my mind about whether to have a pizza platter, a curry or McDonalds to celebrate the end of this challenge. But, over the past two days, I have come to realise that I don't actually want one! I don't like the thought of eating something 'stodgy' and, being perfectly honest, it makes me feel bloated just thinking about it - a sure sign that my eating habits have changed for the better; it's quite exciting!

I really have learned a lot about eating healthily through taking part in this and I am so determined to carry on making these meals and live a healthier lifestyle; it just shows what a bit of food education can do. As I said above, you really need to make sure you have the time and patience to do the plan, but if you do give this a go, you definitely won't be disappointed. I genuinely didn't know what to expect when agreeing to do this and I am so impressed and surprised by it - I really do recommend Danone Activia's TLC Plan.


  1. Yay, congrats for completing :) Those creamy garlic mushrooms look delicious!! Think I might have to have a look at the TLC Plan :P

  2. Aw thank you Kat! I defniitely think it's worth a go. I love your new blog name by the way, I think it really suits your blog! xx

  3. I found when I swapped to Activia I noticed a massive difference. I have since found out I can't have dairy so couldn't follow this plan as I don't think there is a soya alternative.
    The lemon cake looks gorgeous and I'm with Kat on the creamy garlic mushrooms!!!

    Mel xx

  4. Sounds brilliant! I remember thinking this looked interesting when you first blogged about it - it's good the plan involves proper meals rather than meal substitutuion... Looks really good and something you could stick to! Thanks for posting :)

  5. Ooh I'm not sure about the soya alternative Mel?! But the meals they suggest are lovely!

    And Sophie, I was really surprised that it involved a whole diet, but I'm so pleased it did beacuse I learned so much from it!

    Thanks everyone for reading and commenting! x

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