Saturday, 21 January 2012

What would you do for five quid?

A couple of weeks ago while at work, a website was brought to my attention - - a site where people can post their services which they will do for literally a fiver!

I had a quick glance and there are some very, shall we say interesting, services to say the least. For instance, if you would like someone to write something on their boobs, break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend or 'act as your decoy' for £5, then this is the site for you!

Of course, there are some 'less random' options, such as business help, dream interpretations and writing services - I suppose this website lends any freelancers a helping hand and gets their services out there which is great! But it is still entertaining to see what some people are proposing to do in the 'Fun & Bizarre' category...

And then this got me thinking, what would you do for £5? If you needed just a little bit of extra cash or just wanted to promote your business, what would be your service?

I think I'd have to go for something like 'I will provide a list of holiday destinations for £5.' I know it's not very 'creative' but I can't wait to book a holiday this year, and I love looking through holiday brochures at all different destinations - cities, beach holidays, skiing holidays... yep, this would be my service! Admittedly, I would end up wanting to go on all of the holidays myself - I'd just have to add them to my list!


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