Monday, 9 January 2012

Zumba 2 for the Wii

So the first week of the New Year has been and gone... how has it been for everybody? Mine's been very productive; I'm back at work and have been giving my fitness resolution a good try - so far, so good!

I have had no chocolate, cakes, biscuits, sweets or crisps, apart from Friday which is my designated cheat day (so it's allowed!), and my takeaway on Wednesday consisted of a grilled chicken kebab - not the usual pizza platter or Chicken Supreme calzone (oh, how I want one so badly!) so I'm very pleased with my eating habits at the minute - although they obviously could be better....

Exercise wise, I've done a HARD session in the gym with @ultimatecoddy which consisted of a number of circuits - I think my muscles have only just recoverd - and we jogged there too. I really enjoyed this and I'm looking forward to going again, but next time I'll work harder as I'll know what to expect... I've also done zumba four times, ranging from a 45 minute workout to one and a quarter hours - much more than the single 60 minute session per week I was doing all last year! However, three of the zumba sessions have been on the Wii thanks the new 'Zumba 2' game which I received at Christmas.

Giving the game a go!

I purchased the first zumba game last year but I didn't find it particularly inspiring - I much preferred the buzz of the class - so it was left on my shelf to get dusty. I think this was because I was used to the more modern songs from our sessions which, for me, were a lot more motivating. But now, after trying out version 2, I can definitely see the benefits of having, and actually doing, this game at home.

What first caught my attention was the graphics; they are so much better, and long gone are the figures dancing in front of a bright pink background and welcomed are the zumba professionals in settings such as a LA rooftop, NY club and Miami yacht! The points system is also a lot better in my opinion; the bar across the bottom is replaced with five stars which are achieved once you have received enough 'Nice!', 'Hot!' and 'Zumba!' comments. These appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.
LA Rooftop...

... and zumba-ing on top of it!

Miami Yacht...
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... and the New York club!

The songs are a lot more contemporary this time and some of the artists featured are Pitbull ( I love 'Pause'!) and Nicole Scherzinger (which I have yet to try) as well as the 'We Speak No Americano' song. Of course, there are the more traditional Latin inspired songs as well as some Bollywood, Swing and Hip Hop ones; I just find the soundtrack and dances a lot more entertaining.

Progress Tracker
In the main menu, you are given the option of a single song, a class - either short, medium or long in length - 'Learn the Steps' or having a look at your progress on the 'Progress Tracker'; this shows your weight (which is entered along with your height when you create your profile to start), time spent on the game, your accuracy and calories burned, so it really is easy to keep on top of your progress.

As I said, I definitely find this version so much more fun and beneficial, and the tracking system makes you want to keep playing - the idea of the game! However, I would say that if you have not been to a zumba class then you will definitely need to try the 'Learn the Steps' tool; I haven't tried this yet so I can't give an opinion. Also, you can earn trophies along the way - just for fun!

As a whole, I really enjoyed this and found it is a big improvement on the first version. This is most definitely going to remain a firm fixture on my fitness plan!


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