Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Nail Trend: Pale and Sparkly!

Out of the whole 14 month life of The LC Issue, this the first time that I have written a post about nails. This is because I seriously neglect them! Although, I don't know why I do? I don't bite them and they seem to grow pretty quickly, I enjoy painting my nails and admiring all the different colours and finishes, but for some reason I don't seem to paint them very often unless I have a reason to, like a special occasion or a night out (in which case, it is a necessity!) But, I have decided that from here onwards, I am going to make more of an effort and look after my nails.

So when browsing Glamour, Cosmo, Company and various blogs, there is one trend that is being raved about... pastels! A favourite of S/S12, there is no doubt that it is going to be everywhere! Luckily my lack of exciting colours in my nailcare basket meant that I could give the powder pink shade a try, but - as you will see below - I've added a hint of sparkle.

For Christmas I received a nail kit created by Gok Wan from Dan's family's Secret Santa; I had used it briefly at Christmas, but this was the time to really give it a go. Within the shiny pink clutch bag was a nail file, orange sticks, hand balm and nail and cuticle oil. I started by filing my nails, using the oil and rubbing in the hand balm. One of the problems I do have with my nails is that they can become dry and split on occasions, but as soon as I used the oil and let it soak in and dry, I could instantly tell the difference; my nails felt more nourished!

The contents of the kit!
Nail and Cuticle Oil applied with a pipette.
Moisture added!
You don't need as much handcream as this; it smells nice and it kept my hands soft all night!
Once the preparation was complete, I coated my nails in a pale pink nail varnish - just a cheap one that I got as a part of a manicure set - and let it dry before applying another coat. This in itself was a lovely nail colour and I would have been very happy to have added a third and left it at that. However, the glistening snow of late inspired me and I added a coat of Barry M's Pink Iridescent (shade 264 - which I've owned for YEARS!) to make them sparkle.

Cheap and cheerful!
After two coats
Barry M Pink Iridescent

I love glittery polish, especially during winter time, and this Christmas had some beautiful shades, so I thought what better way to say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring (although it doesn't feel like it just yet) than to combine the two trends together?

I am definitely going to invest in some new polishes; which brands and shades are your favourites?

P.S. I painted my nails on Saturday night and by Monday, they had chipped! Do you know of any good top coat polished?!


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