Monday, 13 February 2012

New Look... New Love!

I love reading magazines; there's something about picking up a publication, reading the features and admiring the pages that I can't get enough of - even the free ones that you pick up at shop checkouts! When I was speaking at East Coast Media's Industry Week, I was asked: "Do you think print is dead?" My answer.... NO!

How can it be? Yes, circulations may be decreasing and e-versions may be becoming more popular, but - in my opinion - there will always be a place in the market for print for the people like me who enjoy setting aside an evening, lunch time or even just a few minutes in the day to browse page upon page of fashion, food, travel, homes, games, music... anything! As long as technology and social media are embraced, I think the print industry is safe.

And this is something that Company Magazine has done. On Saturday evening when I was shopping for chocolate and coca-cola (sugar overload!), I came across Company on the magazine rack and saw that it has had a revamp. Being completely honest, I am not a regular reader of this publication, but this new look (and the price of £1!) tempted me and so I bought it.

The new look Company mag - February 2012 issue.

The first thing I noticed - the new paper; gone are the glossy covers and welcomed are the matt finishes. This is something that a lot of publications are doing (including the magazines I write for which introduced matt covers back in September!) and it really does convey an unconventional, modern feel. I also personally think it makes the colours pop!

Lots of 'handwritten' text

I love how bright the colours on the new paper!
Throughout my diploma and degree, we were always taught to use serif fonts for print and sans-serif for online, but long gone are those rules too! Modern web design is all about 'hand-written' fonts and this has been incorporated into Company's new look; the first sign of print/web collaboration. This is highlighted by the use of #twittertrends which feature throughout the magazine - brilliant idea!

One of my favourite parts is the illustrations; I think they're so interesting to look at! There's something so appealing about fashion drawings but I'm not quite sure what it is; the originality, the creativity... whatever it is, I think it's a great move! I also LOVE the landscape images and some of the page designs - very contemporary.

I really like this style of page design.

LOVE the landscape pages!

It is always very risky to give your brand a makeover; what if your audience don't like it? What if it's not recognisable? But sometimes, it is necessary, especially when you have a lot of competitors not only from rival titles but from new platforms i.e online. You need to be cutting edge whilst still catering to your loyal readers as well as embrace the challenges you face.

In my personal opinion, Company have done just that. It's like the editor, Victoria White, said in her letter: "If we launched a new women's mag today, this is how it would look", and if (or when!) I am able to launch The LC Issue magazine, I would want the design to be blog-inspired just like this.


  1. Great article Lindsay, I'm sold, going to buy a copy of Company and have a look ! Julia

    1. Thanks ever so much Julia! I really am so impressed with it, I have a feeling other magazines will follow suit (including me when I launch my own *wink*) ha!

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