Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Zumba in the Club: Carnival!

As I've mentioned a few times now, the last Friday night of the month is when Cleethorpes' 'Zumba in the Club' takes place, and the theme for February was Carnival!

I had been looking forward to this for weeks; zumba-ing in a night club for fun just seems like a perfect combination. Unfortunately I missed the first event (January's) but when I heard that the theme was going to be Carnival for February, I made sure that I was there! There's just something about the word 'carnival' and the thought of one taking place that just puts you in a good mood. Personally, the Latin/Samba inspired party songs are my favourite, so this was just another reason why I had to go!

The biggest challenge though - despite it sounding like fun - was what to wear? 'Carnival' brings thoughts of ladies in sparkly bikinis with giant, brightly-coloured feather headdresses (there's no way I'd be caught dressed like that down Cleethorpes' seafront - especially in February!) Originally I found this playsuit, which I absolutely loved, but it wasn't right for me sadly, and I had a look online too to see what else I could find, but in the end, I settled for this....

Top: ASOS (old)
Jeans: New Look
Bangles, Hairgrip (right-middle picture) and Earrings (right-bottom picture): New Look
Feathered Headband (used as a wrist band): Primark
Butterfly Ring: A street stall in Tenerife (from seven years ago!)

  P.S The  image was taken after the event, hence the knackered look!

My top is from ASOS and I bought it about three/four years ago - I felt that the bright colour and ruffle across the shoulder would be great for this fun theme. I really struggled with what to wear on the bottom; I didn't feel like wearing shorts like I had originally planned (too cold!), and I couldn't find a sequin skirt ANYWHERE in Grimsby! So I opted for bright jeans which I knew I would wear again in the summer. Admittedly, this wasn't the comfiest option, but these jeans are 'super-soft', and they really are!

While shopping in New Look, I saw that jewellery was Buy One, Get One Free, and they had plenty of bright, feathered pieces to choose from which was ideal, and then I found a perfect headband from Primark which I used as a wristband. Teamed with a ring I bought while on holiday with my parents in Tenerife when I was 16, my outfit was complete! 

Looking back now, I do wish I had 'gone for it' a bit more, but I had left this until last minute and so I was stuck with what the shops of Grimsby had to offer... but I think it worked...

The event itself took place at The Pier, a local night club which has recently been fully refurbished. The people who know this establishment, know that it had a baaaad reputation so I have been reluctant to go in there for fear that it was exactly the same. However, I was genuinely surprised! New carpets and wooden flooring (no more heels sticking to the floor ladies!), new paint, new bar area and new seating! Since this was a special event, I have yet to see what the place is like on a night out, but I am definitely more willing to go in there and give it a try now!

Stretching is very important!

 At 6:30pm, 'Zumba in the Club' finally got underway - que the whoops!

Zumba Instructor, Rachel Blood.

The event cost £5 and it lasted two hours; definitely worth it! Everybody was pumped, laughing, dancing the night away -  and the whole time, you're exercising! What more could you ask for? It was a fab night and I can't wait for next month - the theme is 'West End Musicals! Ideas please?!

P.S. You can view info about Zumba with Rachel on Facebook and see some of her classes on Youtube! The video was sourced from here!


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